First Impression #5 | Flormar Makeup Fix Spray

Hi there lovelies,

Welcome back to the third review for Flormar products and up next yet another favourite product. I seem to say that all the time right but I am totally in love with the products from Flormar.

Make-up Fix Spray* (Retails at Eur7.95)

So I have been trying out this spray fix for a month now and I must say that this particular product is different from any of the setting sprays I own.  The bottle is an aerosol one and it spray a jet of fine water, which mostly contains chamomila flower extract, cucumber and bisabolol.  These ingredients are specifically designed to calm, hydrate and fix your makeup which is what one looks for in a setting spray.  I really love this product and I can already see it’s full potential in the forthcoming long hot humid summer days.


The only thing I did not like is the scent of the spray, in the sense that it does smell very similar to the old school hair spray, but it definitely does not linger for more than a few seconds.  For this particular product it is important that you keep the bottle at least a good full arm distance and that eyes and mouth are closed at all time.  After spraying do keep your eyes closed for a few seconds as well, to make sure that the product is full dry.


If using this for the first time and you tend to have a sensitive eye area make sure to cover them whilst applying the fixing spray.


With regards to longevity of the product, it worked well on me and even lasted for a good 10 hours.  Canister contains 75ml of products and its role is to create a thin transparency layer to the surface of your skin that acts as a barrier which means that it does not allow external factors to affect the makeup including high temperatures and excess oil that is normal around the T-zone area.


In conclusion, I think this is a very good product and I do recommend!  In my case it is definitely a repurchase.  It might feel like I’m being repetitive but I honestly and genuinely like the products I have tested so far.

If you haven’t tried this products. I suggest you give it a try you will like it.

Until next time,




*Both products are PR items

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Flormar Malta.  I was asked to choose the items, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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