Fact or Fiction #3 | Is the GLOV makeup remover good?

DSCF2087Hey there my lovelies,

Today I come to you with something that more than likely, should make your life easier. However, I decided to put it under the ‘fact or fiction’ title as in all honestly when I first heard of this innovative product I was a bit skeptical whether this would work or otherwise.

So let start discussing this product, It’s called GLOV and it is meant to remove all of your makeup – with no product whatsoever just water. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? I bought the travel size version of the product after I was gifted the smallest one.

Now before we move on to whole testing theory, let me list the reasons why it should work and it’s supposed advantages.

  • Innovative magnetic fibers remove makeup like a magnet.
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for the most sensitive skin.
  • Enhances microcirculation and exfoliates the skin.
  • Removes makeup using only water.
  • Reusable – up to 3 months
  • Laboratory tested and approved
  • Recommended for contact lenses users.
  • GLOV fibers are 30 times thinner than a cotton pad and 100 times thinner than human hair.
  • Protects PH skin barrier
  • Perfect for woman and man of all ages
  • Several Awards: Winner startup of the year 2012, 2013 Winner Stylish Cosmetic, 2014 Winner 50 Most creative, 2014 Winner Glammies Glamour

Okay all this sounds pretty darn perfect I know but now let’s get started with the actual ‘review’. The GLOV itself feels really soft and smooth to the touch. It comes in a light beige color and it has two sides. The travel size one fits in four fingers of your hand which makes it that much easier to manage. It has to be wet in order to remove your makeup.


It’s meant to take off everything, from mascara to brows to lips to cream contour! So needless to say I put the GLOV to the test on my most ‘heavy’ makeup day. I mean ladies, we are talking full coverage foundation, eye makeup, waterproof liner, about 3 coats of different mascaras including one waterproof, pomade on my eyebrow and lip tint. Whilst taking off the foundation was easy and very effective, I must admit that on the other hand I did struggle to take off the gel liner, mascara and lips, in fact I had to rub quite a few times and apply more pressure in these areas.


When done with removing all of the makeup, the GLOV looks very dirty but it is true that it cleans easily with soap and water and left to air dry until it is completely dry before reusing it.

Will I rebuy it? I honestly do not think so. However, I will reuse it, every now and again as it can be used daily for up to three months.  I am not dissing the product whatsoever, it’s merely my personal opinion as after using it I did feel my skin drier that usual.  I think that at my age, my skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly and with a full face routine.


Where to buy? Locally imported by V.J. Salamone Limited it is available in most pharmacies and the costs for the travelling size is €12.90.

So in conclusion whilst it is a fact that it takes off all of your makeup with just water, the fiction is that I still had to go in with my cleanser, toner and moisturiser after using it.

Have any of you tried the GLOV? If yes, what was your experience?

Until next time,

Disclaimer : This post is my own personal opinion, I bought all the products myself and I am not affiliated with the companies.

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