A little heart to heart #1 | Prevention is better than cure

Hey there my lovelies,

I must warn you that this post is somewhat different from my normal ones. In this one I will be sharing with you something other than my love for fashion and beauty!

amy-robachSo a few month ago, I woke up as usual and started to brew myself some tea.  Switching on the TV, I tuned in to the E! Channel watching Beyond Candid with Guiliana Rancic and her guest on this particular episode was Amy Robach and it got to me deepl!

Truthfully I have been feeling a bit under the weather of lately but for some bizarre reason Amy’s story got me thinking and A LOT. Here’s the short story, in November 2013 Amy Robach at 40 years old she was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing a mammogram on the Good Morning America special programme to raise awareness.

Returning to work following reconstructive surgery from her decision to get a double mastectomy.  Soon after Robach started chemotherapy. The powerful drugs doctors pumped into her system made her sick, caused about a quarter of her hair to fall out and, at times, blew away her memory. But she kept going to work.

I was left there gob smacked and the minute I got to work I was on the phone with the Breast Screening Department.  However, they could not fit me in as they are running the over 50 years programme, however they suggested getting a referral letter from my G.P., and will get the mammogram schedule at Mater Dei Hospital.

So my next stop will be at the doctor and get the referral letter and will wait to go get the mammogram appointment as my Breast-Cancer-Awareness-pink-ribbon1wondering mind won’t stop until I get it out of my system.

Let me know I you want me to keep updating you.  I think now at 40, it is the appropriate time and age to start getting tested.  It is always a good idea to be taking care of yourself and we do that everyday by eating right, exercising and you know the whole she bang but let’s face it there are things that are beyond our control, so what better way then think ahead and get tested.

So if you want me to, next time round I will be catching you up with my referral letter and what happens thereafter.

I am sorry if this blog saddened you but it is something I couldn’t stop thinking of, after that interview and wanted to share it with you and if this post inspires someone else to do so then well and good, prevention is better cure, right?

Until then next time,







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