First Impression #6 | Flormar Makeup Loose Powder and Blush On Duo

DSCF2094Hey there my lovelies:)

Welcome back to the fourth post talking about Flormar Malta products (if you are interested in checking out my previous post I will link them at the end of this post for easy reference). So for today, I come to you with yet another two amazingly good items. I am literally falling in love everyday with these products I have chosen and will be looking forward to visiting the shop again soon :).

So for today I introduce to you to …..

Flormar Loose Powder in the shade Light Sand* (Retails at Eur11.95)

First off let’s talk packaging.  It comes in a jar with a screw top lid that closes securely.  Made of very sturdy plastic material, good sized not bulky making it easy to carry in your makeup bag with no worries about any loose powder spilling.  Inside the jar once can find a big white puff made of a ruff texture, meant to apply the loose powder by buffing it onto your face, however I personally not really tend to use it but it does come handy when carrying it around for that little touch up.




Being a mattifying loose powder, it is suitable for both combination and oily skins. It blends out nicely and I really like the finish it gives even though personally I would have preferred if the powder itself was translucent other than with a tint of colour. Slightly perfumed however smell does not linger for more than a couple of minutes.


With regards to texture it is very soft to the touch and gentle on skin. I really enjoy using it with any foundation I own but I found it more effective when I used it with together with the Radiance primer and Serum Foundation (review link at the end of this post).  I normally use the loose powder for baking my under eye and setting my highlight areas, however with this particular one I tend to use it as all over setting powder and it sets my foundation very subtly giving me a very nice and natural look.  I liked the fact that like any other powder, this one made my foundation last all day long without looking powdery, dry or grayish.



Overall I enjoy using this powder as it really sets the foundation satisfyingly and most importantly at the end of the day I am left with no patches of powder, especially round my t-zone.

Definitely, thumbs up for me and if your skin is oily or dry and you’re looking for a setting powder that would go well with your skin tone and maintain a natural look, this loose powder is worth checking out.

Flormar Blush on in the shade 95 Coral & Beige* (Retails at Eur7.95)

Up next is this cool duo compact blush which consists of the blush of course and a light contour shade. When I first bought it, I really thought it was a highlighter, but then when testing it out I realised that it’s a bit too dark for my skin tone but came out as a beautiful contour shade.



First let’s talk packaging. Container is made of a plastic package not very sturdy to the touch, with two compartments but regardless it is still very compact, making it good for travelling, ideally in a makeup bag as I feel that it might be prone to breaking.  You get 14g of product and both pans are wide enough to dip in a larger blush/contour brush in.

The blush itself is a beautiful coral peach shade, with fine shimmer particles. It’s not crazy pigmented, but it gives more than a subtle color to the cheeks all while giving a nice radiant, healthy look. I feel it works great on my skin tone and it goes nicely with most looks.



The beige contour shade might come out as a light conto9ur shade bit easily buildable to a contour shade of your liking. All in all it is quite a handy product for a quick makeup do, just tap a bit of the contour powder, a bit of blush and there you go a healthy radiant look.  If I want to be totally honest I did use the beige ‘contour’ shade for an all over the lid colour to add to the more natural look.

I did also find that it blends in nicely with other eye shadows when used as a transition colour.  Truth be told, I am really looking forward to use this shade in summer when slightly more bronzed.  I think it will work nicely to warm up my face.




With regard to staying power, I cannot complain, it lasts a good 6hrs but I do have a habit to touch up my face half way through my day.

Have you guys tried any of the products I have talked about so far.  Would love to hear your your thoughts.

Huge thumbs up from my end and I do recommend both of these products and I will definitely consider a re-purchase.

Until next time,








*Both products are PR items

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Flormar Malta.  I was asked to choose the items, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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