First Impression #7 | PUPA Milano Dot Shock Limited Edition Collection

logo_PupaMilanoHey there my lovelies,

As you might have seen if you follow my blog page on FB, I was kindly asked by the local agent of Pupa Milano if I wished to try out a product from the brand’s new Spring/Summer 2016 collection and write obviously share my thoughts on my blog for my lovely followers.


DOT SHOCK : The return of the Polka Dot.
A new interpretation of vintage.
The woman of spring summer 2016 is a new expression of femininity:
lively and dynamic.
Geometric forms are intertwined to give life to absolutely fashionable graphic looks.

I believe the collection launched a few weeks ago, and the as a collection the Dot Shock consists of a colorful blush, lipsticks, lipglosses, nail polishes, an eyeliner and 2 eyeshadow palettes.

As a makeup collector I must admit that prior to the three items given to me, I own only one other PUPA product. I have the Face Highlighter from their Paris experience collection and I do love the consistency of this product, colour payoff and formula.  So when asked to review some items I was eager to try them out.

So here’s the item from the Dot Shock collection that I got to try.

Dot Shock Balmy Gloss in #001 Petal Coral* (Retails at €9.95)

I must admit that I am not one to gravitate towards lip glosses, in fact the few glosses I own are currently stored away but I really enjoyed trying out this product! I was nicely surprised when I realize that even though it’s a lipgloss, it’s not sticky at all and feels really nice on the lips.



I would imagine that the reason that it feels so nice is because the Balmy Gloss is formulated with special pigments that react to your skin’s pH level, so depending on your pH level, this shade can be lighter or brighter on you. Rather fancy right a lipgloss with a customized effect …. tailor-made for you.



When swatched the gloss colour payoff is true to it’s name and I totally loved the color.  Obviously enough when applied directly on my lips, because of my pH level it turned out more of a pink colour with a glossy finish.  I m also liked the gloss shiny textured effect which not only tailors in nourishing your lips but also brings in a rather light soft consistency that formulates a melt-on effect.

Overall I really like the texture, consistency and colour of this gloss and even though I like more matte products, it will be nice to use in summer, when I gets a little bit more darker and glowy, will be the perfect gloss for that ‘summer look’.

I highly recommend this collection and if you ever come across a Pupa stand (Evans Pharmacy in Qormi has a good selection) it’s definitely worth checking it out, but do hurry since this is a limited edition.

Until next time,







*Products is a PR item

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pupa Milano in Malta.  I was given the product, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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