First Impression #8 | Flormar Gel Liner

closeupHey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to the fifth post talking sharing with you my thoughts on Flormar Malta products (if you are interested in checking out my previous posts I will link them at the bottom of this post for easy reference).

So for today, I come to you with yet another awesome item. I love using these products and I am finding myself reaching for Flormar’s products on the daily and really need to find time to visit the shop again to have a look what’s new :).  So for today I introduce you to …..

Flormar Gel Liners in the GE01 and GE02* (Retails at Eur7.95 each)

My search for the ultimate perfect eyeliner has been well documented on the blog, but I think the search is now over. This gel liner is hands down one of the best gel liner I have to date come across. It comes in this tiny little pot, which is perfect for taking on the go, and it also contains a brush in the lid. To my surprise, the brush is actually excellent and I’ve been using it to achieve a rather good wing, which is by far the best I have came to the perfect wing (in my daily struggle to create that perfect wing).



The consistency of the liner itself is fantastic, very pigmented and matte, which helps me to achieve the smoothest line. One dip in the pot is enough to complete one eye, so a little really goes a long way.

DSCF2137 DSCF2138

The black gel is one of the blackest liners I have seen, and it sets pretty much straight away – no need to go over it with black eyeshadow – it’s intense enough on its own! The eyeliner stays put all day long and it doesn’t smudge throughout the day. There is not one thing I could criticise when it comes to this eyeliner, Flormar really hit the nail on the head with it.



Huge thumbs up from my end and I do recommend this product, especially if you are not comfortable with creating a wing liner, and although a little product goes a long when eventually it will finish I will definitely re-purchase especially the black one.  The range of gel liners consist of four shades black, blue, brown and green.

Tip : Do remember to wipe brush with tissue after each use and close cap tightly.

Until next time,







* Products are PR items

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Flormar Malta.  I was asked to choose the items, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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