First Impression #9 | Flormar Mascaras

DSCF2176Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to the sixth and final post from the lot I was kindly gifted by Flormar Malta (the usual drill for easy reference – if you are interested in checking out my previous posts I will link them at the bottom of this post for easy reference).

So the last two products I have are two mascaras and as they say I did save the best for last 🙂


Flormar Rotating Volume Mascara* (Retails at Eur15.95)DSCF2181

Right off the bet, my first impression is WOW! I remember when Kim was explaining how this mascara works, I was overly excited to try it out.  I have never came across something so cool … a mascara with a 360° rotating wand, and if you are in the market for a mascara that provides a long look that covers your lashes from the end to tip, then look no further. The brush that turns both ways automatically helps in the enchantment of the eye lash, making the application close to perfect.

The wand itself is fairly thin however it does not alter the desired effect that of making your lashes look longer and nicely separated. The formula is on the wet side and on dry days it holds the curl perfectly and there is no smudging happening.

A plus to the product is that it also contains essential oils that nourish your lashes. With the help of the rotating mechanism it coats the lashes evenly, separating them to avoid clumping and I just love the extra lift it creates! It’s a bit weird using it in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it!

Love this mascara … another huge thumbs up 🙂

DSCF2177Flormar Precious Curl Mascara* (Retails at Eur7.95)

Right off the bet, I really like how this mascara works and I also like the appearance its give to my eyelashes. It really separates them and gives them precise definition.  The wand is curved and chubby but it doesn’t clump my lashes, and definitely does not stick them to each other.

With regards to longevity – it’s quite long lasting and considering the already hot weather I noticed with great pleasure that it did not budge.  One thing, I didn’t like about mascara is that after it dries, it’s hard to touch up.

Out of the two I tend to grap the last one the most for that quick and fast application.  However, if you are looking for both volume and length – basically that faux lashes look – combined together these mascaras work AMAZING.  Truth be told I have found the perfect combo for me to achieve that faux lashes look.
What mascara have you guys been loving lately?

Until next time,







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