Favorites #4 | April

DSCF2185Hey there my lovelies,

How are things with you, and so here we are, another month off the calendar … sorry I’m a day late but it’s been a tough month :/ Like the previous months, April came and gone just like that, but hey it’s May and May should be a good month (I HOPE), with the Malta Fashion week and awards just round the corner now.

So back to this months favorites ….. enjoy 🙂

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in 1995

I have come to the conclusion that liquid lipsticks are my new found love, I have been loving them for a while now. I am proud to have become a matte lipstick kind of girl mainly because they look gorgeous, last all day, the slightest of touch up needed and no bleeding. Long story short liquid lipsticks are like the ultimate dream.

Among the many brands out there that make them, I have tried quiet a few from the ebay brand ones,  to drugstore brands to high-end too and so when Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks came out with new shades from their hydra matt line I was intrigued to try them especially when they released 1995.  Yep I was right there to order it and I had high hopes that it would be as amazing as the lipstick (which I adore).  Let me tell you it did not disappoint and I have been using it on the daily lately.



Overall I love the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte liquid lipstick formula for the comfort and lasting power it gives and definitely worth checking out.

Colour pop lippie stix in Lumière

Oh my 2 lippie products in one favorite hehe, guess I have been loving getting new lip products and I have been wanting to add Colourpop to my collection for a while now.  I think Colourpop’s lippie stix have the cutest packaging. A cute slim white tube with the color of the lipstick at the bottom, as well as its name. Love also the slanted tip which make it a lot easier to use.

Lumière is referred to as a ‘dusty mauve pink in a matte finish’ and I actually agree with regards to the colour. I think it’s a very universal shade that would suit most skin tones. I really love mauves and plums so this one’s fits perfect in spectrum of most loved colours.  I’ve worn this quite a few times already and look forward to use more in the near future.



However,  despite stating that it has a matte finish, it does not have the same consistency like a matte liquid lipstick.  It’s still very creamy and moisturizing. In fact as we speak they have re formulated the Matte Lippie stix and I will be looking forward to trying those out.

Pupa Milano Tinted Moisturizing Cream + Anti-Aging
I have been obsessing over this foundation and it’s all I have been using these days especially during the week when after dropping my kid to school I need to run a couple of errands leaving me with only 45mins to get ready before I have to head off to work.  I was gifted the item for PR purposes earlier this month and if you want to take a look at what my I thought about it you can click here if you like.



Evian Setting Spray
I have forgotten how much I enjoyed using this product (I have a full review here if you want to check it out) and I am thankful I rediscovered it this month with the heat pick up and getting worse everyday … yea still in April here but thank God for this setting spray which is both awesome and refreshing which is just the perfect combination.


Satifashion Necklace and bracelet

My latest addition to my accessories collection and who doesn’t like pearls and bling all wrapped in one fabulous necklace and bracelet.  I love this set as you can both dress it up or down and would make any outfit look great.



So what have your favorites been this month?

Until next time,





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