Event Post #14 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta | Day 4 : Show 1 : Parascandalo

Hey there my lovelies,

Day four of Malta Fashion Week kicked off with yet another much awaited brilliant local designer.  Birgu grown Marco Parascandalo is one designer that I have been following for quite a while now and even though unfortunately I missed out on his previous shows, I stalked quite a few other bloggers and photographers to stay in the loop of what Marco had to offer and if his previous  collections were anything to go by we were surely in for an awesome show.

And in fact, he did not disappoint even though Marco’s items tend to be more suited for men it was a nice to see a couple of really colourful and fun pieces tailored for the his female fans.  Pleased to see that he went back to the colour that kicked off his career, black was THE predominant colour (which I loved).  The new slogan Mhux kull ma jleqq hu deheb (All that glitters is not Gold) stole my heart and I wish he could have come out with more slogans, but he did include lots of patched work which is totally cool.  However, having said that there is nothing else to complain since Marco’s pieces were exectuted brilliantly and to my joy and happiness he even threw in a jumpsuit.

Well done Marco, clearly you have redefined Maltese street wear making us lust over your gorgeous pieces.


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Until next time,



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