Event Post #15 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta | Day 4 : Show 2 : Joie De Vivre by Rosita Silk Sense

Hey there my lovelies,

Are you tired on me yet? Hope not as we are still on Day 4 with lot of posts to go.  The second show of the day saw us waiting to view Lithuanian dress designer and artist Rosita Gasiunaite throwing us in her world of Joie de Vivre and you can clearly see the Joy of life in every single piece that she showcased.  Finding joy in transforming white silk into colourful pieces one can truly appreciate the hand-painted collection and the inspiration of Maltese sunshine and the summer-blue skies.

Truth be told, I only recently discovered Rosita’s talent and work and with the most expensive piece showcased being sold at Eur400 one is sure to find something to fit their budget.  Another thing that is really enjoyed is that every single piece is unique and like no other and Rosita can also tailor-make an item to her clients satisfaction.

Really enjoyed watching this show all pieces from flowing tops to a cute little crop top, midi to maxi dresses the choice is vast but delicate and beautiful from beginning to end.

Well done Rosita, a beautiful collection and will be looking forward to purchasing one of your pieces.

Until next time,


Photo credited to Carmelo Establier https://www.facebook.com/spaniardinmalta


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