Event Post #20 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta | Day 6 : Show 2 : Je Suis A/W ’16 by Ritienne Zammit

Hey there my lovelies,

Let me just warn that this is going to be a post full of praises.  Probably whatever I will say will not do justice to the AMAZING, UNCONVENTIONAL AND PATRIOTIC Ritienne Zammit and her new Je Suis A/W 2016 collection.

I was awaiting this day since last May, when unfortunately I could not make it to her very well received and acclaimed collection ‘L-Omm Li Tatna Isimha’ inspired from the love she has to her roots.  Another thing about Ritienne, besides the fact that she manages to keep her audience wanting more is the fact that she is not afraid to bring forward controversial messages, being political or current issues.  This year she tapped in a very sensitive subjects being obsessions and addictions – to which we can all relate or better yet I sure can relate.  Through her collection she clearly is conveying the message that we are not any better than the person sitting next to us, we have to move beyond judging someone, but contrary sympathize with them and hope that if ever we are in the same situation we will find help.

The moment the first model hit the catwalk after coming down a VERY steep staircase I was in awe.  I noted model was holding a cat from the The Sphynx breed, said to be the ugliest cat but with a heart of gold and that says a lot about the pieces that were to follow. 

I appreciated the work behind building this collection, it’s flawless and I LOVED every single print especially the once with the Caravaggio painting and dollar signs, very graphic detailing, intricate and obviously original.  The colour scheme went from darker shades to bright to complimenting the dark, eerie set-up.

I truly and honestly did not want the show to end and I wished I could rewind it all,  but having said that after the whirlpool effect of this week I will  be contacting Ritienne to view first hand the pieces as for sure I want at least three items off this collection .

Bravissima Ritienne yet another breathtaking collection.

Until next time,



Disclaimer : All photos in this post are courtesy of CLPS Media

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