OOTD Post #8 | The Couture Dress

Hey there my lovelies,

So the big day was here …. The Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards and for me it felt like a HUGE deal, so when I asked Gaetano of Couture By Gaetano, if he would help me out he was all too eager to help (that’s how kind he is).

I totally fell in love with the dress, the minute I tried it on, the colour was particular – totally not something I would choose but somehow it looked nice on me!!! The fit perfect, just a few alterations from the back and obviously enough the length! On a side note though I cannot recommend this talented human being enough, he is very professional and meticulous in what he does.  Wearing one of his creations made me feel exactly the way he wants his women to feel empowered, sexy and confident and I felt every bit of those emotions.

Of course me being me and me loving to be pampered I went the full she-bang, got my hair done at Sleek Hair Salon and I loved it …. Ritianne is totally a sweetheart and she envisioned the style the minute I showed her the pic of the dress.

Same goes for Ally from Smashing Darling x another sweetheart and God bless her talent and her visions as she truly did a work of art on my face.

Will let the picture do the talking ….


Photo credit : Sleek Hair Salon


Photo collage credit : Smashing Darling x


Photo credit : Goro Fotography


Photo credit Goro Fotography

So quick question : Have you been liking my outfits posts?

I must admit that I did not expect to be stressing so much about them.  I mean the amount of thinking that was involved, like location, how to take a picture and when and close ups!!! I honestly thought that they would be more fun to do.

However, going forward, there are things I would like to improve and I have noted them all down and will be working on effecting these changes as I would like to keep these posts going.  What do you think … any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time,



Disclaimer : All images have been credit to their owners and cannot be cropped or copied. All pages are linked and also to contact the photographer click on link Goro Fotography

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