Product Review #16 | Pupa Milano Luminys Touch Face Illuminator with Light-Effect Treatment

DSCF2195Hey there my lovelies,

It’s review time, and it’s the last product I had got from Pupa Milano Malta package.  I have been testing and using this product for the past few weeks and here’s my take on it.  It has been truly a life saver during Malta Fashion Week, long days and lack of sleep was not a good combo for my eyes!

Luminys Touch Face Illuminator with Light-Effect Treatment in the shade 02* (Retails at Eur14.80)

So first things first let’s get’s the facts out of the way.

Properties:  Face illuminator : Treatment facts: Claims to brighten face by 4% after 14 days of use and 9% after 28 days. Claims to lighten dark circles by 14% after 28 days of use.

Make-up facts: Claims to instantly minimise and correct under eye dark circles and signs of tiredness for more radiance. Low allergy risk and dermatologically tested. Paraben-free.

All the above quoted claims and details are printed on the box and slip of instruction is available in the package too.  I believe that there a total of 3 shades, 01, 02, and 03. I was given shade 02.

Actual product comes in a click-like pen.  The first time you want to use it you have to click quite a few times to push the product out.  I suggest that you do two clicks at a time and wait because if you keep clicking, chances are that a lot of product will come out, and it will be too much and the brush applicator will overflow.

How I use it: I applied product on top of my foundation specifically under my eye area. At first when I got the item I thought it might look nice as an under eye highlighter however seeing that I got shade 02 it was my exact shade so I might opt to try 01 as a highlighter, just to see if it will work!!

Thoughts: In all honesty I did not see result from the first application but as I started using it every day, I was pleasantly satisfied with results and as I said last week I rally put this little helper to the test and I was like oh wow! This thing might just become my new bestie!

Coverage: Consistency is thick and creamy, just because shade 02 is my exact shade, coverage was not very high.  The fact that I am applying it on top of the foundation improved coverage of product. I did try using first before applying the foundation and coverage on this occasion was very light. However, unlike some other concealers it’s very lightweight and it did not dry up on me leaving my under eye looking smooth.


Overall, I do like how nice it feel on my skin.  It blends easily with a damp makeup sponge. I do not mind the clicker either as it works. The brush is okay too helps place product smoothly under the eye.


Finally I do recommend this to anyone who’s just starting out makeup and also to anyone who has been hunting for a good concealer with the brightening effect. It might be on the costly side, but I feel that this is a worthy investment that you will not regret and in the long run.

For further details on product kindly check you the following link.

Until next time,







*Product is a PR item

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pupa Milano in Malta.  I was given the product, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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