I’m Trending #15 | Bob and bangs for Summer 2K16

Hey there my lovelies,

I hear you say, she is contradicting herself right? Seeing as I love long hair so much I have been sporting extensions since last December, however with that being said, that does not mean I cannot like a trend and share my two cents thoughts.

I mean let’s face there are some of you out there who like to sport the latest trends and truth be told if I were to take off my extensions the first style here would probably be the one that I would be sporting.

If there were ever a time to consider switching up your hair look, to something cool and vibrant … it’s definitely summer. To survive sweltering weather and beach days, you’ll want a cut that is decidedly low-maintenance and able to stand on its own without using hot tools and as close as to wash-and-wear as possible.

Bob it like RiriRiri bob
There are people that feel that when hair is around their neck and shoulders it feels like they are wearing a scarf.  So I guess this hairstyle really applies to those people or the ones of you out there who love to be on the trend band-wagon.  In addition to the cooling relief this look provides a strong shape cut to your hair and it’s also nice that everything will basically fall into place.

Baby BangsBaby Bangs as seen on Keke Palmer
On the other hand bangs might seem like the last thing you want in the summer, by keeping it brief you can make it bearable and adorable. However, I do suggest this style to those of you out there who’s hair is straight and does not frizz a lot especially in the hot summer days.  For the more daring, a bang about an inch to an inch and a half will look amazing on any length hair.  They are definitely fun and flirtatious, also keep in mind that bangs might not be for everybody, those with a more “spacious foreheads” will be able to pull off the look better.



So what’s your favourite hairstyle for summer? Did a small poll hereunder care to let me know you think?

Until next time,



Disclaimer : Images Pinterest


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