Product Review #17 | Dodolashes Mink Lashes

Hello there my lovelies,

Well being the beauty fanatic you might be aware that I am always on the look out for new stuff and for today I bring you my new found love for false lashes. I do not get to wear a lot because I am usually ALWAYS ALWAYS running late. However, when I do get the time I try to put on some lashes.  It is important that the pair you wear is one that you are most comfortable with. I usually tend to go for natural looking lashes that compliment my small eye shape.

So today I am here to review a pair of mink lashes that I received from the lovely company named DoDo lashes. I came across these lashes while watching some random Youtube tutorial so I contacted the company to see whether they would be interested in me reviewing a pair of their lashes and they were kind enough to send over these lovely lashes in model D112.

So if you are interested in reading my thoughts about these lashes you know what you got to do … just keep on reading.


A bit of info about the Dodo Lashes
Dodo Lashes was established by a Professional Make-up Artist and beauty expert who believes in making every one look their best. As the “false eyelashes” trend became bigger and bigger their intent has been to provide every individual with high quality eyelashes that will fit any style and price range.

Their lashes are 100% cruelty free and 100% sterilized. Each package is carefully inspected to ensure it meets high quality standards.

My Thoughts:
If you love make up and if you like sporting false eyelashes you know that a pair of lashes will definitely make any look pop. I own quite a number of different brands of eyelashes, branded and unbranded but I must admit that the pair I got from Dodo Lashes are amazing, they feel like nothing I had or tried before.  They are very long compared to my ‘everyday’ ones which makes this particular model perfect for a night out as for the morning they are a bit heavy, in the sense that they will bother you if you are wearing sunglasses.

They are very comfortable to wear and super thick with regards to consistency of lashes and lash band is thin which makes it perfect to apply. The most important thing is that they are 100% mink lashes and as mink lashes are supposed to be that is lighter and more flexible than the conventional synthetic lashes.

They gave my eyes a very soft look although being so long and I must say these lashes are as perfect as the company claims. Top points goes to the fact that they are cruelty free and if you think that this is the most fantastic thing then think again as the most amazing thing is that these lashes are super affordable. What’s the price I hear you ask? Well hold on to your seats – Price of these lashes is JUST $5 – which is fantastic considering the super quality.

So if you are on the hunt for some fabulous and great quality lashes at affordable rates then these lashes are the perfect choice.

If are interested in what I shared with go and check out Dodo Lashes collection on their website here  or you can checkout their Instagram here too.  Should you wish to effect a purchase you can use code ‘mydivainside’ at checkout for some $$ off.

So have you ever heard of this company? If yes, what are your thoughts about their products? Let me know.

Until next time,







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