Brand Spotlight Series #9 | 3inA (Mina)

Hey there my lovelies,

I haven’t done a brand spotlight in a while so when last week I was kindly invited to attend the opening of a new makeup brand shop, I was excited to go and share with you guys my initial thoughts. On a side note, I am really glad that locally we are getting lots of franchised brands.  It is cool to know that were are on trend as to what are the latest products available.


Admittedly, I have not heard of this makeup brand, until a few months ago, when I came across a post on Facebook and then an article on the The Blond Salad blog wherein it was stated that “this brand is one of the best low cost cosmetic brand out there”, so I started doing my research and here’s what I found on the brand.

The creators behind the brand are Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve who launched this new innovative makeup concept, first London and followed by Milan . 3ina (pronounced “Mina”), is all about offering a different approach to beauty-producing products with a quick production, making it easily accessible to consumers.  Whole concept took around two years to be develop and it was created after they noticed a trend in consumers wanting to experience a new way of shopping other than the traditional retail shopping.

They wanted to run the business which allows them to place new products on the market within four months, thus making the brand very up-to-date, young and vibrant as obviously they pick up on trends at their peak and create products that will appeal to their customers.

Locally, the shop is situated in a central and convenient shopping area with ample parking space.  I could not wait to head over there after seeing some pictures on my Facebook feed.  I knew then that I was gonna be in for a treat! wp-1467143068113.jpgAnd I was …. OMG … The. Shop. Is. Gorgeous.

White stands all around the shop, make the perfect combo to bring out all the bright colours of their vast range which is beautifully displayed.

Starting from their skincare line which includes cleansers, toners, micellar water, makeup removers and face creams look lush and worth checking out. The brushes look and feel incredibly soft and of top quality.

I got super excited when I saw that they carry the correcting concealers and their jaw dropping foundation range.  The extensive range of shades is impressive and even more impressive the different undertones which pretty much match any skin tone from fair to dark. I am sure everyone can find their perfect shade.  Aaah I can’t wait to go back and get the foundation … dying to test it out 🙂

However, I must admit that their lipsticks stole my heart and I particularly enjoyed that they come in all shades even the most adventurous ones like blacks and greens, blues and teal too. In fact I was happy to have found the perfect shade of pink and orange for this Summer, which, I am sure will make my days and nights extra bright 🙂 … will review my purchases in another post 🙂

I highly recommend trying out their lipsticks, I do think they are the must-have product from 3inA.  My initial thought from just the swatch is that the pigmentation is nice and most of the colours come in different finishes.

With regards to price range product start from around Eur6 with the most expensive being around Eur12.  I mean with these one cannot go wrong. I really do like what I have seen so far and quality looks very good too.

Thumbs up from my end and I highly recommend to go check the shop out, good location, helpful staff, great products and lots of colours to choose from and all at very affordable prices. You know, I’ll be going back to 3ina VERY SOON and probably …. again… and again (hehe). Have any of you heard about the brand? What are your thoughts?

Did any of you managed to go check out the shop?  Let me know your thoughts:D

Until next time,







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