My Journey with CHIC Med-Aesthetic #1 | SiennaX Spray Tan at Chic Med-Aesthetic

wp-1467534007890.jpgHey there my lovelies,

Practically every summer, I debate with myself whether or not to get a spray tan, however, this year, I was not going to convince myself otherwise, I decided I was going to try it out.  I do get a nice tan in summer however, there is not much sunbathing happening since usually I am taking care of my little one, so the slight tan I get it disappears instantly and I end up a ghost. 

On the day of my appointment, I was pretty much excited and was looking forward to the experience. I have been reading and researching the product used at Chic Med-Aesthetic which is Sienna X spray tan which comes in various solutions and said to be one of the best on the market.  

Before application: It is suggested that you scrub the night prior to the application to take off any dead skin.  However, if like me you have very dry skin, I do suggest to scrub more often before appointment.

On the day application: Therapist started off by applying a scrub spray to my elbows and knees, followed by a barrier lotion on my elbows, knees, heels, hands especially in between my toes and my fingers.  This part is done because the elbow, knees and heels are the driest part of our body and there is a tendency that the tan goes on darker on those are areas other then the rest of the body.

I was then given a shower cap for my hair and underwear. After that therapist started applying tan by spray gun and I must admit that I got the chills as lotion was cold hitting the skin.  Therapist meticulously made sure to get all areas 360 degrees.  Whole application took 15 minutes maximum 20 minutes.  After she finished application I was asked to wait another 10 minutes for the formula was to dry completely, so I could easily get dressed without ending up with streaks from catching my skin with the clothes.  I pleasantly noticed that application started turning a browny/peach in colour once is was drying. It was nice to note that the smell was pleasant too – a coconut smell – reminded me of the sunscreen lotion used at the beach. 

The application took just a little more than 30 minutes which is perfect as we all know how important time is and how much we try and fit in a day!  So appointment can be done before work, after work or even if you have a special occasion which just came up.  This is because Sienna X has a specific solution which can be rinsed after just 1 hour from application without failing to give a beautiful tan.

Heading to work, I could tell that the colour I was left with was starting to get darker, but the therapist did advise that this would happen.  I honestly did not mind it.  I was loving the glow especially on my face.

I headed off home straight after work.  By now (6pm) the coconut smell turned a bit pungent but bearable, so I headed in to shower to wash off the top layer of the application.  The water does turn a orange in colour when showering, but don’t be alarmed it’s not your colour washing off.  It is important that the first couple of days of having the application done you do not rub with a sponge as otherwise you will ruin the tan.  Therapist suggest to buy the Sienna X shower wash and body lotion (in a sachet form) which are inexpensive and it is advisable you do this for the first 3 days to prolong the tan.

All professional spray tan solutions from Sienna X are created with both business owners and customers in mind. As one of the top spray tan experts, they specialise in producing solutions that are easy-to-apply and always produce a beautifully natural colour.

There is quite an extensive selection when it comes to end result, so be sure to let your therapist know what end result you want to achieve.  Here’s a quick overview of the solutions available in the Sienna X range.

6% Touche de Soleil light spray tan – For a subtle, natural looking tan that is perfect for the winter months or simply adding a hint of holiday glow.

8% Professional Spray Tan Solution – Ideal for skin types that tan well in the sun and are looking for a natural-looking colour that will replace a holiday tan.

10% Professional Spray Tan Solution – For customers who already have a base tan that they want to prolong, this is the ideal solution. With a natural ‘just got back’ tan that will last.

12% Professional Spray Tan Solution – Clients who have a medium to olive skin type and want to accentuate a healthy glow will suit this solution perfectly. 

16% Professional Spray Tan Solution – For people with naturally dark skin who tan very well in the sun and who are looking for a deep tan.  

Tonight’s The Night Professional Solution (develops in 2 hours for fair skin and develops in 4 hours for darker skin) – Customers who need a beautiful tan that develops in around two hour need look no further than this clever solution.

Professional High Intensity Tanning Express Spray Tan – limited edition (develops in 1 hour) – Customers who require a last minute application, with the same beautiful end result need look no further – this is the perfect choice.

The most common solutions are the 8%, 12%, 16%, Tonight’s The Night and now the Express Spray Tan.

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Verdict: Over all I loved the whole experience of the application, therapist made me feel very comfortable and I loved the fact that application was so fast and quick which is perfect in our hectic lives.  Definitely will be getting more spray tan sessions especially if I have a special occasion.


Update: Tan lasted a good 9 days as on the 10th day it started to wear off at the inner parts of my elbow and inner thighs.  It does get a bit annoying and I wish they could invent an application that lasts longer :).  Having said that, I totally recommend this product.  When peeling start happening, apply a good scrub daily for 3 days and it will take away all the patchiness.

Until next time



Disclaimer : This post is partly sponsored by:CHIC-LOGO

I was given a discount on the treatment, for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are my own and reflect my personal experience and thoughts on the treatment.


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