First Impression #13 | Montagne Jennesse | 7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask

Hey there my lovelies,

I am one to love skin care very much and I do like switching my routine and I have documented said changes over here on my blog.  But one thing I do not do is apply any sort of masks which I keep saying to myself I need to start using them more often!

So when contacted by Online Supermarket in Malta I was only too happy to collaborate and review some of their products.  I was really impressed with the vast selection of products from which to choose from at very competitive prices. When I got the package I was only too happy to see that they sent me the Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask*.

So this week, it was time the test #MJ mask and it was just so satisfying applying this particular peel off mask.  With regard to the formula, the Passion Peel Off Mask contains pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry and Vitamin E.  These are antioxidants that help to protect the skin from free radicals. The peel off element of the mask is designed to give the pores a good clean and removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

I really enjoyed the mask, it is really easy to use, I found it comfortable to apply with a small flat foundation brush, instead of my hands as it makes out for a better even application (side note: do avoid your hairline as it will be a pain to take it off [vide video]). With regards to consistency of said mask it’s thick in texture and slightly sticky gel.

It is recommended to cleanse your face well before applying mask.  Once the gel mask is on, set your timer for 20 mins (but do make sure that the gel has dried off completely, by tapping gently and lightly on your face, before peeling it off).  Once the allotted time has elapsed, simply peel back a corner and gently start peeling it off.  The mask comes away from the skin fairly easily even though it has set, it is not to the point where it makes your skin feel dry or tight.

I found that this mask pretty good and I did notice in the morning that my skin looked brighter. I must say that it really does a great job at peeling away the dead skin cells.  When looking up what other masks there are in the 7th Heaven range, I was pleased to see that there a lot of different ones for all skin types and they mostly cover all skin concerns.

I particularly  liked the fact that they all come in single use sachets, however with the foundation brush application I did not use all the sachet so that left me with another application which I will be using next week to make sure it does not dry out.  Other than that the sachet makes it convenient to use.   Also if you’re someone who likes to use lots of different products, then buying single use sachets means that you wont run the risk of the rest of the pot or tube drying out while you try out other products.

Until next time,







*Product is a PR item

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by  Online Supermarket in Malta.  I was given the product, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinions.

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