Event Post #25 | Gran Gala Della Moda 2K16

Hey there my lovelies,

Of all the events I had the chance to attend this year, the one I attended – Saturday 23rd – was truly a very special one.  One invitation that I did not expect to receive, but when I did I was over the moon!!!  I mean to be asked to attend such a prestigious event organized by The Chamber of Fashion Malta under the patronage of the Italian embassy in collaboration with the Maltese-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Cultural Institute is quite a big deal for this ‘little’ blogger.

The night saw me witnessing three fashion shows, by two Italian designers Gianni Molaro and Carlo Alberto Terranova and one by the very talented local designer Luke Azzopardi.  The latter I was ecstatic to see, as I have been wanting to witness his work since I came to know of him from Naupaca’s productions.

The Gran Gala venue

St. George’s Square, Valletta : Imagine the square which already on it’s own is beautiful spot.  A favorite spot of mine, in our unique capital city, turned into a stunning runway with red carpet all around the pavement fountain, setting perfectly the mood for what we were about to witness.  Presenters for the night wew Liasa Marzoli from RAI TV and Jean Claude Micallef.  Event was also covered by RAI and will be airing later on this year.

Gianni Molaro
Gianni Molaro was the designer to open the show. Molaro opened his first atelier at the age of 20. His name can be found in the Guinness book of records for having designed the world’s longest bridal veil measuring 326.70 meters and for the widest wedding dress in the world, which dress was more than 13 meters in diameter!!!

For the first event held by the Chamber of Fashion Malta, Molaro honoured us with an array of beautiful evening dresses.  The warm palette of colours used and striking patterns, set a very pleasant vibe and it was amazing to witness.  The whole collection was exquisitely made.  I particularly loved Molaro’s collection especially the beautiful canary yellow gown worn beautifully by the stunning Bojana.

Disclaimer : The above photos belong to Spaniard in Malta©. Photos cannot be copied, cropped or used without the owners’ permission

Luke Azzopardi
Next in line was Luke Azzopardi and I mean WOW.  After seeing on Facebook, pictures of Luke’s collection, when last May he launched his 2017 collection ‘The Opium Addict’ I didn’t have to think twice I was sold and in love with most of the pieces.  This collection is one of my favourite, I mean what’s not to like, Victorian influence, fine and rich fabric and beautiful craftsmanship.  Each piece is dainty and detailing on point, making each gown unique and beautiful.  Also, I just cannot take out of my head Amy’s pure silk velvet gown in the most beautiful dark green! #needthatdress ❤

Disclaimer : The above photos belong to Leonard Zerafa©. Photos cannot be copied,
cropped or used without the owners’ permission

Carlo Alberto Terranova
Last but definitely not the least Carlo Alberto Terranova presented us a very elegant collection for this New Land Couture house.  Renowned for his work for Maison Sarli  his haute-couture collection for the Gala Night was inspired by the 70’s and especially Pink Floyd album Dark side of the Moon. Whole collection was consistent throughout. The beautiful monochrome pieces were just stunning, add fine tailoring and elegant accessories to the equation and you have the epitome of haute-couture.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : All professional taken photos have been credited accordingly.  The other photos were taken by me from my mobile


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