My Journey with CHIC Med-Aesthetic #2 (Part 1) | Dermal Fillers : Lip Enhancement

Hey there my lovelies,

A random fact that you might not know about me is that I’ve always been self-conscious of my lips. I always loved fuller lips and always disliked the fact that my own lips weren’t fuller and plump. The lower lip is not bad, but my top lip was always very thin and ‘flat’. I hated over lining my lips as I never got them right.

Why I never got the lip enhancement it done? Well the main reason was the cost as I never sat down and actually asked the price, I just assumed it was very expensive.  Secondly the question ‘Is it worth it?’ always popped up.  I mean spending ‘so much money’ on something like that! So, when I approached the Directors of CHIC Med-Aesthetic, to meet up with them I was happy that they excepted and accepted to collaborate with me, as truth is told aesthetic treatments have been something IU wanted to talk about on my blog.  I was even more overwhelmed at the token of appreciation they offered, but above all surprised at how misinformed I was!!

Anyways, during the initial meeting we discussed most of the treatments in general, and after deciding which one I would go for first, I headed home and started my research on the lip enhancement procedure especially on product used namely Juvederm which is currently one of the best filler on the market.  Containing hyaluronic acid, this brand fillers are widely used as they have a well-established history of safety and reliability. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, which can be found in every living organism. As a result, it is biocompatible and side effects are very rare.

Hyaluronic-acidHyaluronic acid fillers come in varying levels of thickness and so there are a flexible option to improve different sections of the face. Thinner fillers are more suitable for wrinkles and fine lines, or enrichment of the lips, while thicker fillers are able to address very deep wrinkles and volume loss, lasting between 6 and 24 months.

On my second appointment at CHIC was with Dr. Charlene Scicluna and it was my consultation, wherein we discussed the end result, we discussed options and ideas.  My only request was that of obtaining a symmetry in my lips and obviously fuller lips.  Dr. Charlene Scicluna emphasized that to obtain the fuller lips, I wished, this was not going to be done in one session.  The reason being that if a large volume of filler is injected at once the lips might look odd so it’s a better idea to take a step up approach. This would help ensure that lips remain natural looking. In fact one of the advantages of dermal fillers is the fact that volume can be increased gradually as required.

1. Can you give us a brief historical perspective on the development of dermal fillers? Why is there a need for different types of fillers?
In 1981, after 6½ years of study by more than 700 physician investigators, the FDA approved Zyderm® 1. This approval was a milestone, the first injectable substance approved for soft-tissue augmentation. The success of Zyderm® stimulated the development of additional fillers. Each had positive attributes but ultimately fell short of ideal due to immunologic, cost, or ease-of-use concerns. Despite widespread research, injectable collagen remained the only commercial therapeutic filler option for more than 20 years.

The rapid product breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine over the past 10 years have enabled a similar evolution in the approach to aesthetic rejuvenation. In general, aesthetic treatment with dermal fillers has moved from a 2-dimensional focus on the treatment of individual lines and wrinkles to an awareness of the possibilities of a 3-dimensional perspective on rejuvenation. Gravity, fat redistribution, dermal thinning, bone resorption, and loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin are critical factors in the outward appearance of aging.

Today, the quest for the ideal dermal filler is enhanced by the knowledge that “ideal” is a complex concept that must account for many variables, including a filler’s scientific profile and physical attributes, the patient’s goals and physiology, and the physician’s experience. As with other cosmetic treatments, a one-size-fits-all approach to soft-tissue augmentation will not yield optimal results. As dermal-filling options continue to change and expand, the effective clinician must understand the unique properties and characteristics of each product and apply that knowledge to the crafting of an individual treatment plan for each patient.

2. Are there any known allergic reactions with this treatment?
Allergic reactions to the new and modern fillers are very rare (but not unknown). Mild allergic reactions include redness and itching on the injected site. 

3. What are the different types of fillers used at CHIC?Juvderm_Main_Image
At CHIC we use hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a type of gel which is naturally found in our skin. Within the same syringe of hyaluronic acid there’s also some local anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. As a brand we use mainly Juvederm, which is know to be one of the best brands worldwide.

4. In your clinical experience and your opinion, who is an ideal candidate for this treatment? In other words, how do you decide which specific type of treatment would be beneficial for a particular patient? What factors do you consider?
Most patients are good candidates for these treatments. Only few conditions are known to be contraindications to treatment. Depending on the problem, even teenagers might be suitable for some treatments including hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and corrective procedures (to correct a defect in the face).

5. What is the timeframe for instant gratification?
With fillers, one can notice an immediate result. However, the full result will be seen after 2 weeks, since the filler would absorb more water over these first 2 weeks to give a more natural and better result. With Botox one would only start to notice some difference after 2-3 days, which will continue to improve over the first 2 weeks. Right after treatment there might be minimal swelling which might last for up to 2 days. Lumps may be felt for the first couple of weeks until the filler settles in the skin. These can usually just be felt and not seen. Bruising is quite rare.

6. Is the treatment similar for male and female patients?
Males and females are very different in the volumes needed and also areas treated. Make skin is thicker and muscles are stronger. For this reason, they usually need more units than females with regards to Botox. Proportions of the face are also different. For example in women, higher cheek bones and higher eyebrows are desirable unlike in men.

7. In your opinion, who should not receive these treatments?
The consultation is the determining factor on whether one should receive treatment or not. Every treatment is personalised to the patient. There are very few conditions whic are contraindications to treatments, but one has to take into consideration also the psychological aspect – patient expectations and what can be achieved with these treatments in reality. 

8. Are patients familiar with the range of treatments that can be available, or do they decide that after you have educated them?
Although our full list of products is available on our website, it is important that during the initial consultation before any treatment we discuss the patients’ needs rather than wants. We promote beauty that is our main goal. It’s easy to say I want to look younger, but that is not what it boils down to. We want people to look and feel beautiful. We emphasize the fact that certain treatments need to be effected gradually to achieve the best for our client.

9. What are the most common complaints you hear from patients? Could you describe the follow-up visits, and the safety considerations?
Thankfully complaints are very rare. Also, I make sure that every patient leaves with a follow-up appointment to make sure that if there’s something which is not clear or which is bothering the patient, we can discuss it again until the patient is happy and satisfied with the treatment. I also always tell patients to call the clinic if there’s something they’d like to discuss. I always make sure to set realistic expectations during the consultation so that they can be met with the treatment. That way, all patients leave the clinic satisfied.

So that it for the first part of this post, the informative part is done and dusted.  I felt that it is really important to bring you the information too before the actual procedure. Part two of this post will be up on Wednesday 10th, so #staytuned.

Until next time,



Disclaimer: This post is provided by:CHIC-LOGO

As a token of appreciation, I was given the opportunity to try out certain treatment, for the purpose of this review.  All opinions reflect my own personal experience.  All thoughts on the treatment are honest.

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