Ebay bargain hunt #1 | My finds €8 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

So if you follow me on Snapchat (mydivainside <3) I did a few unboxing of packages I receivedd so I asked my lovely followers on my Facebook page whether I should add the new topic to the blog or keep it on Snapchat but I got a few messages asking to share on the blog so here it is a new topic 🙂  and it’s a fun one too 😀

Just in case you did not figure it out from the title … I absolutely love Ebay (who doesn’t right!!).  I enjoy spending hours entering random words related to beauty and fashion to see what eBay comes up with and I just love the things I find sometimes which are pretty pretty pretty awesome.  I would be lying if I tell you that everything I get is top notch cause hey, they are bargains after all! But I would go on saying that a good 90% of the items I am very pleased with packaging and ofc the item itself!

In fact, some of my most favourite things I own are from eBay, from eyelashes to brushes, dresses to skirts, jewellery to accessories, you name it I have purchased it.  I just love going on a shopping spree on my ‘need to shop days’ without breaking the bank!

Truth be told if you choose your seller wisely you will not be disappointed, and for the budgeteers and students out there, or those that don’t really care too much about using branded products, these ‘bargain hunter’ items might just be what you’ve been wishing.

All of the items mentioned hereunder were under the ‘buy it now’ section and are less than €8 and all carry free postage and packaging!

So here’s what I ordered during the month of July …. enjoy and let me know if I should keep this up 🙂

1g/box Chrome Pigment Glitters (€1.24)
I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and I have been seeing these kind of nail application all over their snaps and IG.  First thing I did I asked my nail tech if she ever heard of anything like this but she hadn’t yet and she was pretty much as excited as I was! Then I started asking around as to whether anyone has found what it is exactly, then Jeffree Star uploaded a chrome/holographic nail tutorial and fair enough I was on eBay and the next thing I know was, that I was adding this item to my basket.  I have my next nail appointment in a few weeks and I already agreed with my nail tech that we will be using the ‘magic’ glitter and I do hope it will work 🙂 – will keep you updated.

Pro Makeup Beauty Face Brush/Foundation Brush (€1.71)
In my ever quest to finding the perfect foundation brush, I came across this particular one and it seemed to be featured in quite a few other eBay’s buys I follow on YT and with a price like that, worst case is that it sheds so much you have to throw it out, but hey it’s less then Eur2.  For as long as I can remember I have been using the Real Techniques sponge and to be honest with you I like switching up foundations as I’m always testing new ones, and I also like switching application method.  So I have been testing this brush for a few days now and I quite like … will give you full on thoughts in my August faves!

Soft gel silicone case cover for Samsung Tab 3 Lite T110 7″ (€2.54)
In lieu of having just got a new tablet since the previous one was broken by my l.o., and seeing how he seems to thinks his the new tablet is his!!! I was not in any way in the mood of getting a new tablet if he accidentally drops it so in came the search for an appropriate cover and I specifically wanted a fitted one for the new one seeing as my previous one was a folding one and the little one did not like it at all as he kept taking it off when paying his games!

3 PCS 10g Pro Nail Glue with Brush (€2.65)
I usually fix my nail appointments every 4 weeks or beginning of each month.  It also happens that I love long nails, to be honest, the longer the better but I also have household chores which more often than not do not go well with the long nails situation (haha).  So not to keep bothering my nail tech every time, I pop a nail, I got this 3 pack of nail glue for the time! So next time the nail pops, or I get a lift, these will come in hand for a quick nail fix!

Classic Retro Mirrored Lenses Aviator Women Sunglasses (€3.31)
I have been loving and wanting rose gold shades, ever since I saw Nikkie Tutorials wearing one so when while casually browsing eBay, I came across the exact pair like Nikkie’s (less the price tag), I obviously had to get them.  Sadly when I got them they were a tad big and when I looked down, they would slide right off.  Obviously I tried to make them smaller, but of course, the middle part snapped! I did however manage to fix it with some super glue which thankfully did not show up and so far it’s holding well!

Selfie LED Ring Light for iPhone/Samsung (€7.77)
If you have not noticed yet, I take Nikkie’s snaps very seriously (LOL) so obviously enough when she started raving how much she loves her LED ring light for the phone so needless to say, we have to get it not that one exactly but a close dupe though!

So that is it for my first eBay bargain hunt … liked it give me a thumbs up and will be sure to keep them coming 🙂

Until next time,



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