Update Post | My Journey with CHIC Med-Aesthetic #2 (Part 3)| Lip Enhancement Review

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back my divas 🙂 as promised today I have the update post with regards to my lip enhancement review.

To say that I was excited for Wednesday 24th to arrive is an understatement.  I eagerly headed back to CHIC Med-Aesthetic to meet up with Dr. Charlene Scicluna, to discuss any problems/issues (if any) and proceed with injecting the remaining product left of the Juvéderm Ultra Smile that we did not use on my initial treatment.

I am not gonna stay repeating myself, as after the initial check up to see whether the upper lip filled in ok, Dr. Charlene Scicluna was satisfied with the outcome and proceeded with using the remaining Juvéderm Ultra Smile in my upper lip specially targeting my cupid’s bow to make it more defined and add what was left into my bottom lip, as I wished to plump it up a bit more.

Lips CA CHIC Before & After 0.55ml J US


Something I failed to mentioned is that my lips are usually dry and chapped and the filler completely smoothened my lips and I absolutely love this!!

I can wholeheartedly say that I AM IN LOVE with my lips and totally OBSESSING OVER them and it is truly something I will keep on doing and I do highly recommend it to anyone wishing to beautify themselves. I had a wonderful experience and do not have any regrets in having my lips enhanced.   My wish to have fuller and plumper lips has come true!

Until next time,



Disclaimer: This post is provided by:CHIC-LOGO

As a token of appreciation, I was given the opportunity to try out certain treatment, for the purpose of this review.  All opinions reflect my own personal experience.  All thoughts on the treatment are honest.

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