Product Review #20 | 3inA Chubby and Longwear Lipstick

Hey there lovelies,

If you recall a few months ago a new make up brand opened it’s doors for the first time here in Malta and if you have missed that the post you can check it our here, and as an affordable brand with great products it even expanded with new flagship store opening in Sliema – to which official launch I have been invented (more about that in another post) So today I want to share with you what I got on my first visit to 3inA (almost forgot I had saved this review post!)

So here are the stuff I bought…

Chubby Lipstick in the shade 107
Even though I have a tendency that I always lean towards buying the same kind of colours, I really fell in love with all the pretty colours available at 3inA.  Obviously, as a makeup fan, I could not resist not buying an orange shade – was missing that in my collection!!! I bought this particular type of lipstick as it seemed easy to apply being this cute chubby pencil.

A much cheaper alternative to some of the balm-lipstick hybrids out there, this provides a comfortable slick of colour that’s easy to apply on-the-go. With ten shades to choose from, you’re bound to find a new fave.

The Longwear Lipstick in the shade 509
The longwear formula of this particular lipstick is great, though it is a little wet (you need to wipe the applicator off a little, as a lot comes out), however rest assured that the longevity is on point and difficult to budge.

This longwear liquid lipstick, is a favourite of mine, it is exactly what you need and I mean it.  The consistency of the lipstick is creamy, long lasting and colour pay off is amazing.  Bold and beautiful and dries in seconds but it leaves your lips hydrated with a silky finish. The colour remains as bold as it was when first applied and holds well even after a good six hours! How amazing is that!

I am loving the slightly odd angle of the wand, which makes applying the product really easily.  The bullet and soft-touch pack make the brand look high-end, but what’s most exciting is the pure pigment it offers. This pink shade is to-die-for and totally competes with product with a higher price tag.

I have not been again to 3inA so I am really looking forward to the launch event so I can re-ignite the great feeling I got the first time I visited the shop and how I felt seeing the vast range of products and colours they have.  But mostly importantly to get my hand on their Pen Liner which I heard it is totally amazing!!!

Have you guys ever tried any 3inA products? What did you think  of them?

Until next time,




Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.  I bought the product, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinions.

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