Update Post | A little heart to heart #2 | Prevention is better than cure

Hey there my lovelies,

If you recall my first ever heart to heart post wherein I spoke about something that hit home, I am here today to update you on what has happening in the meantime

links-malta-breast-screening-360x230-300x191In between the normal routine and the ups and downs of life I have contacted National Screening Programme within the Ministry of Health, however they are currently only running the over 50 programme. They did advise though that I get a referral from my GP I would be able to then take it Mater Dei.

After than I headed over to my GP, he was reluctant to give me the referral as he said Mater Dei do not like to have long waiting list and that they use their machines for the urgent cases.  I have an appointment with another GP to see if I get the same answer.

However, I did also book a private breast screening appointment which is scheduled for next month, yeah the specific month dedicated to the awareness of breast cancer,  so let’s hope for the best.

Will keep you posted.

Until next time,