Product Review #23 | E45 Cream

Hey there my lovelies,

I am back with a new review today and it does feel like I  hadn’t done a proper one in a while!

As I’ve discussed in the past, I’m prone to very dry skin and over the years I have tried countless products.  I always tried to use non-chemical based products to soothe and heal the dry areas.   I have spotted the above products countless times at my local pharmacy but never really picked it up as more than like at the time I would be using a product that I felt was working wonders (little did I know how wrong I was!!!). However a couple of months ago I decided to give it a try, and in a nutshell my skin is grateful and the best it’s been in years!!!

Reading up on the ingredients of the E45 cream, it is uplifting to read that E45 in recent years, has used their dermatological expertise to help alleviate discomfort in sufferers of various skin conditions. As a range E45 have a vast choice of products to help a lot of skin problems including eczema (not severe cases).
The E45 cream I picked up is a special treatment cream for dry skin conditions. It states that it heals flaky, itchy and dry skin. Intrigued? Then keep on reading …
To my utter amazement, after using it for just 5 days, the difference was immediately noticeable, not only on my legs but I started using it on my cracked heels and believe me ladies …. this cream is a miracle worker!
I like to apply the cream right after every shower, I used this all over my body and found that my skin absorbed it quite quickly and it does not leave any residue which is great. My skin doesn’t feel dry as before and certain areas where I used to have itching caused by the dryness of the skin, it certainly calmed down, which is absolutely awesome.  With regards to my cracked heels I will definitely keep using this product for LIFE as it is the only cream that helped heal them, something even my pedicurist noticed with great pleasure!
In terms of body skin conditions, I think this has been of good help. The only area it did not really help were my hands, guess maybe it’s not tailored for this particular area – or more than likely it’s because I have an obsessive compuslive hand washing problem!!!
From my own experience I highly recommended this cream for anyone that has very dry skin or your skin (or areas of it) becomes very dry occasionally. If you don’t normally have dry skin (i.e. normal, oily, combination skin type), I would suggest that you only use this cream for the period when your skin is very dry and switch back for your normal cream after it has healed.
Have you ever tried this product or any other product from the E45 range? I’m curious to see your thoughts about any product used, so if you have tried it before please share your experience.

Until next time,



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.  I bought the product, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinions.


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