DIY #1 | How to … Distress and Bleach a Tee

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!!!

Whoop whoop another #newtopic on le blog (yass!!).  Let’s get things out of the way, I am the least crafty person but I can follow instructions quite well, so I thought I would try out myself some cool DIY’s I come accross either on Pinterest or Instagram 😀

I assumed some of my followers would like it and anyways I thought it’s a cool idea to share my DIY’s. Anyways a few weeks ago I posted on my Snapchat (mydivainside ❤ – make sure you follow me :D) that I was thinking of distressing/bleaching a cool tee I got from my partner. So long story short, I did and here’s how I did it and the end result.

In all honesty it’s really easy to do, just do not to overthink and it will come out great! It took me about 30 minutes tops. I would suggest that you opt for a ‘thinner’ t-shirt material as it makes the outcome with the bleach pop more:)

Things you need
Scissors (preferably fabric ones)
Bleach (for safety purposes best use the one available in a spray bottle – plus it’s better for the desired effect)
Optional an old toothbrush for the ‘splatter’ effect

Start off by puncturing the shirt in random places ideally on the sleeves, round the collar and bottom of the T-shirt and other places you fancy.  When you are satisfied with the puncturing situation, proceed by scraping the t shirt with the tip of the scissors in vertical and horizontal lines.  Again nothing precise or symmetrical. Remember we are trying to give the t-shirt the ‘vintage’/’highly overused’ look. When this is done and you are happy, proceed by grabbing the bleach bottle and start spraying at random in small puffs and bigger puffs depending on what you wish. As advised as an optional you can use the toothbrush to add more random splatters.

Let the bleach rest for a few seconds/minutes depending on how much you want the it to seep into the material. Once your desired look is achieving immediately soak the t-shirt in cold water to stop bleach from continuing to bleed into the material.

Easy peezy right 😀 I really enjoyed this DIY post and in all how the T-shirt turned out.   Do let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you try it out do leave me a picture of your tee – I would love to see how it turned out 😀

Until next time,




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