Event Post #28 | Flormar new store and products

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend Flormar’s new shop launch in St. Julians (opposite the entrance of BayStreet).

Mr. Armand Grech briefly introduced us to the brand (check out here). He also introduced us to Flormar’s new limited edition products which include the Extreme Matte Lipsticks, Satin Matt Blush and the Back to School range.

wp-1476350434522.jpgThe Extreme Matte Lipsticks are meant to be very matte but not drying on the lips.  I love the vast range shades varying from beautiful nudes to daring burgundy!

The Satin Matt Blushers are beautiful, total of 6 shades that come in the very handy Flormar standard package that includes a brush and mirror.  I personally to do not gravitate toward limited edition items as rest assured that the item I pick would be something I would want to repurchase. However, when one of the bloggers asked Kim (one of Flormar’s representative) if this new collection will be made permanent she did tell us that the matte lipstick will be made permanent (yay!).  So I do suggest to go and check out them out.

The other new range available both in Paola and St. Julians is the Back to School range which consists of two different BB Creams and Match BB Lip creams.

The BB creams come in The Blur Effect and Anti-Blemish (they come in 3 shades each). Reading up on the BB creams it was noted that The Blur effect is suitable to conceal imperfections whilst the Anti-Blemish is matt and oil-free.  I was particularly intrigued by the Match BB Lip creams, which consists of 4 different shades that are meant to adapt to your lips according to your lips BH balance hmm I think I will have to try these out 😀

Once again thanks to Flormar for organising such a pleasant and close event for us bloggers. It’s always nice to know of new products and catching up with fellow bloggers.


And of course thank you very much Flormar for the packed goody bag … aaah can’t wait to start playing with the some of the new items I got xxx


Until next time,






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