Ebay Bargain Hunt

Ebay bargain hunt #2 | My finds €8 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog …. Third #post for this week 😀

Yasss, it’s that time for another eBay bargain hunt (yay!!!).  I do not have many items as I ordered quite a few things last month and have not turned up yet.  So I gathered a couple of items I got recently and some a while back but they are of such good quality – I had to share them 🙂

I am linking the seller from whom I got the items, but please understated that there could be times that getting something from eBay may result in being not that good quality but do bare in mind the price but hey that is why it’s a bargain hunt post :). However the items I am sharing today are all of great quality and I just love that I managed to get my hands on them.

Hope you like them and if any of the links hereunder is not working please do let me know so I can find other ones for you.

Ladies Split Loose Long Sleeve Chiffon Maxi Shirt Dress (€7.30)

I had first seen this on Jessica Rose YT channel and fell in love with it.  At the time I was getting my outfits sorted for Malta Fashion week and immediately fell in love with it.  I felt it would be a cool outfit to wear for the launch MFWA party. Truth be told I was already picturing it with my gladiator heels, so needless to say I got it and well I wore and I’ll let you be the judge of how the outfit turned out 🙂  With regards to fit – I got a size S and it fitted nicely, only thing was the slit was higher than it shows in the picture so I do suggested you wear a cami dress underneath.



Tulle Tutu Skirt (€6.30)

I have been wanting to get one of this cute skirts for ages now.  Maybe not the smartest thing to get off eBay without trying it on, as even though I got a size M it does fit tight around the waist. Fact is I am finding it hard to loose the extra weight I seem to have put on lately, but I will persist otherwise I will order a bigger size (no biggy!).  Besides the size problem, the material is nice and does not look cheap at all and has a lot of layers so it’s neither transparent.


360 Rotating Leather Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (€6.00)

So my dad decided to go all tech on me and he got himself a tablet (:O) so I decided to get him this particular cover (after he was complaining that is not comfortable to watch YT documentaries!!!). It looked quite fancy and good for the purpose of being able to place the tablet in various position.  I was happy with it as it is of sturdy material and leather feels nice to the touch.  My pops was happy with it and so was I 🙂


Stencils For Cat Eyeliner And Smoky Eyes 2pcs (€2.00)

I got this stencil as a spare of the moment purchase like any other purchase off eBay for that matter.  But I must admit it does come in handy when I want to do the cat liner which is not that often.  However, having said it was only Eur2 and so far I only used it once but hey it’s good to know it there in the remote case I will need to do a cat liner!!!


So that is it for my this my second eBay bargain hunt post … Hope you like the items I shared – until next bargain hunt … Happy Shopping 😀





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