Update Post | A little heart to heart #3 | I had the Mammogram

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I know I have already posted three posts this week, but this one has long been coming and I could not really wait till next week to share my experience.

So if you been following these little heart to heart posts you know that I had an appointment booked for October and in fact it was yesterday and I am going to be honest with you the build up to this day was very tiring and worrying. Deep down I felt there was nothing, but you can never say right, so you can imagine a zillion and one scenarios were passing through my mind.  I almost crashed too as I was heading to St. James Hospital!!! I was distracted by the thoughts running through my mind.blausen_0628_mammogram

The mammogram was not as bad and as painful I hear them say.  In reality the pain only lasts a second tops. The worst part was how awkward I felt during the whole process as I did not know what to do especially with my hands, since the nurse doing the mammogram does all the positioning of your breast in the machine.

Anyways the process was done in less than 10 minutes, but the worst part comes after that which is the waiting for the Radiologist to give you the results. The waiting was quite long about 45 minutes so you can imagine my brain was on fire. However, Dr. Muscat was very sweet, clear and straight to the point and advised that my mammogram was normal and that I have a healthy and young breast!  When asked if I had history in the family, she was happy to learn that I decided to do so since my age requires it – she also wishes that more people would do the same.

She did suggest we effect an ultrasound since it is my first time and like this we can make sure that everything is fine and also have a better look if their are any cysts which might be bigger than usual and even check breast density. Ultra sound turn up normal too.

To say I was relieved is an understatement but having said that I am glad I did take the plunge and did the mammogram and will definitely be keeping to it every 1 to 2 years max. However I will start checking myself on a monthly as we can never be to sure and we can notice if there is something wrong and if I can prevent it rather than cure it, I suggested everyone to do it too.

Most local clinics have special prices during the month of October.  At St. James Hospital cost for Mammogram and Ultrasound costs Eur79.




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