My Journey with CHIC Med-Aesthetic #3 (Part 2) | Laser Hair Removal : The first session

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So I finally went for my first session of LHR which was scheduled for today week.  I had booked to get my full legs, brazilian and underarms done but by the time I had my appointment, that time of the month decided to come by earlier so I re scheduled the brazilian for next month together with upper lips and glabella (which is the area between the eyes) – more on this in another post.

Being that these posts are all about trying new treatments, I will be trying to bring you with me through this journey.  So here is my experience on the first LHR session.  Thereafter, if you like I can update as the weeks proceed in keeping you in the loop of the progress.  I would imagine that 4-5 weeks after first as I imagine it the perfect to see better results.

As I headed towards my appointment, I was so nervous and I was close to chickening out. I was so worried about the pain of the treatment especially in the bigger areas, it was messing with my nerves. I never had anything treated by LHR, besides the test patch and it stung a bit, so I could only imagine what the feeling of the treatment was going to be on larger areas!  Dr. Camilleri went through some routine questions as to whether I had any reaction after the test patch.

Full Legs:

Pain: I would say the pain level was overall about 6/10. With 10 being painful enough to take a break or stop the procedure. So yeah, legs are not bad at all! I found it to be more painful on my ankles then anywhere else since the skin is the thinnest there. But calfs and upper leg did not hurt at all! All I felt was the cold breeze blowing away at me. My leg seemed to be swollen and red during and after the session was done, however Dr. Camilleri did advise that this is was normal.

Third day update : The redness was still persistent after a couple of days and the feeling or being ‘sun burnt’ got stronger too!
I decided to contact the doctors at CHIC to see whether this was normal as I never heard any one say anything about redness and sunburnt feelings. They reassured that all is normal and they did advise to continue applying moisturiser or Aloe Vera.

Fifth day update : The hair on my leg is barely visibly which is very convenient at this time of the year were we have not yet started to wear tights.

Seventh day update : Even though hair is being felt it is not that visible and even though I have not started wearing tights as much as I can I will hold off from shaving (please note that it is completely normal that the fill LHR effected is not seen on the first session).


Pain- This area was a breeze.  I would say 4/10. Even though the underarms areas have so many nerve endings and lymph nodes it did not hurt as much as I imagined. The area is small and each side takes about 2-3 minutes maximum. One thing though I noticed was that my underarms were a bit dry after the treatment but right after that Dr. Camilleri applied Aloe Vera it felt quite hydrated.  One thing I did not enjoy was the burning hair smell (even thought I shaved) which was unpleasant but I guess since the area is close to your face you smell it more but rightly so the smell did not linger.

Third day update : As I mentioned above, this area never experienced any redness or uncomfortable feeling.

Fifth day update : Whilst that I noticed that no redness was visible after treatment, it was noted that hair did start to grow again.

Seventh day update : Even though hair is showing up I think for now I will wait a little bit longer to shave since I am not wearing any sleeveless dresses or tops.

It is to be noted that anywhere from 5 to 19 days after first treatment (since not everyone is the same), shedding of the surface hair may occur and this appears as new hair growth. Basically this will be shedding of the hair that was under your skin. This is NOT new hair growth. One can clean and remove the hair by washing or wiping the area OR even by using your fingernails.  Also, scrubbing is advisable.

Session #2 for the full legs and underarm areas is scheduled for December and I’m hoping it will be less painful since I know what to expect. I also can’t wait to see more results as I’m pretty satisfied so far.


Until next time,



Disclaimer: As a token of appreciation, I was given the opportunity to have this treatment done, for the purpose of this review.  All opinions reflect my own personal experience and are in no way CHIC Med-Aesthetic has influenced the content of this post – All thoughts on the treatment are honest.

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