Favourites #10 | October

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Another fave time and this time it’s October that has just ended bringing us closer to my favorite two months November and December 🙂 Whilst yes it has been yet another whirlwind month I am looking forward to next few weeks before the end of year.

So let’s get back to the purpose of this post and that is sharing with you guys what I have been loving the past 31days 🙂

Flormar Advice Facial Cleansing Gel 3 in 1
Suitable for all skin types EXCEPT sensitive skin. It is said to leave your skin deeply cleansed and nourished. Enriched with a blend of vitamin E and daisy flower essence it not only makes your skin softer, but also ensures a deep, effective cleansing. It also includes apricot kernel and guarana seed powder which ingredients are meant to clean the skin from dead cells and also help to remove dirt and oil from pores, bringing smoothness and ensuring a healthy blood supply to the skin.

This product has been part of my morning regime for this month and I have seen a noticeable improvement in the pores/black heads situation. I like the gel texture of this product that works well on it’s own. I like to rub the gel on my face in circular motion for a few minutes, applied this way gel turns into a gentle lather which I quite like as you can feel the tiny granules within the gel work as nice exfoliator but it’s not very harsh so it does not leave abrasion on the skin. I then wash my hands for the product and go in with wet hands to get a foaming effect which I then wipe off with an exfoliator face sponge.

Maxfactor Epic Lash
This has to be one of the best mascara’s out there at the moment, the mascara wand is quite unique and none like I have seen before it has a central core plus exterior bristles in a ball shape at the tip get to those fine hair in your inner corners!

In the beginning it might be hard to use BUT trust me once you get the hang of it, it does work and works so well you get a complete lash coating. The formula itself is somewhat looser than most mascaras and in a way that is what allows you to make precision moves with this brush before your mascara dries. By using the arch shape first, the flat edge to coat and the ball to cover any fine, missed lashes at the edges. It’s all about deciding how complicated you want your mascara to be because to get a full volume you’ll need to do the triple roll at least twice but if you love a precision lash and enjoy perfecting your lashes, this mascara does actually do the job.

3inA The Pen Eyeliner
I absolutely love this liner sorry this pen liner which provides a very matte finish for up to 12-hour wear!!  This little gem is amazing! It’s calligraphy style pen, is wiggle-free (YAS) and it has become my holy grail and I so need to stock up on it. It is truly quite easy to use and gives out a perfect flick or tight line and for me saying so, it’s a big deal and my struggle with wing liner has been documented long and wide over this blog.  I love the jet black and matte finish. Hero for me as you can see the tip is so fine and short which really helps to create a perfect line.

Elizabeth Arden Cermadine Lift and Firm Cream with SPF 30
I just love using anti-aging product, this daytime moisturizer is suitable for normal to dry skin, contains UVA protection is full of antioxidant vitamins, plant extracts, and skin-identical ingredients such as ceramides, lecithin, and phospholipids. It also contains clover flower, a plant extract that is listed that can cause irritation.  It includes also a few fragrance chemicals known for their irritating properties. I would suggest that people with very sensitive skin would opt for something different otherwise this product is a very well formulated daytime moisturizer with sunscreen.

I have been loving this product, it’s light texture is so nice to the touch and blends into my skin like a dream.  I like the SPF factor especially for Malta this is ideal when we considering that we have summer-like temperature almost all year round.  I applied make up whilst using this cream as a standalone product and also using a primer after and in both instances foundation application remained flawless for a good 8hours.

Sleek Cleopatra highlight palette
Sleek have been on a roll these past few months coming out with product and one their latest product is the Cleopatra’s Kiss palette – a gorgeous bronze-hued palette, which is perfect for this season.  The palette features two baked and two cream powders with a mirror and mini brush. The creams are ideal for a luminous sheen while the powders give an intense, metallic finish to skin. And the best thing about the palette. It is one of the best things out there at the moment and I just love the glow it give my cheeks every time I use.  Love it!

That’s what I have been loving lately, hope you enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts if you tried any of these products.

Until next time.




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