Spotlight Series #10 | Interview with Holma

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Welcome back to my Blog!

Finally one of my preferred posts is back – The Brand Spotlight Series – especially as I love it when I get to meet people who are ambitious and chasing after their dreams and I am really glad to get the chance to interview them.

Today I would like you to meet the amazing trio behind Holma and I truly hope that this interview does not fall short from who they really are and that I manage to bring you exactly what these pretty, young, driven and ambitious ladies managed to create together!

I must admit that I came to know to know of Holma through their social platforms since people were sharing the pictures taken at an MCAST exhibition last summer and to say that I was impressed is an understatement and when I contacted them to meet up I was happy that they accepted to be featured on my blog.

So let me introduce you to the bubbly and sweet, Rebecca, Mariana and Melanie and here’s is what we chatted.  Over a hot cuppa we started talking and we immediately were talking like crazy.  It did feel that we knew each other, could be cause we were talking on topics we all love so we kind of bonded 😀 It was nice hearing them talking about their passion and how much drive they have to push forward the Maltese produce – so much so I noticed they them wearing Maltese cross items … which I totally loved 😀

1. How did you all get started into fashion designs?
We are friends that happen to love and studied fashion design at MCAST.  After the great feedback we got from our collection, it is something we wish to pursue professionally.

2. How did this collaboration come about?
It was an easy collaboration – actually started as an assignment as part of our curriculum. We immediately started brain storming on the concept and we were very happy that our tutors were pleased with the initial draft and that they encouraged us and motivated us to continue with the idea.  It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our line #hexteg as it means a lot to us.

3. When you were younger, did any of you wanted to become fashion designer?
Yes … you can say that we always wanted to become fashion designers and we are glad that our first collection was accepted the way it was. For us it was very important that the message we are trying to convey would come across well and strong.

4. What is the inspiration behind this collection?
When we found out about this assignment, we knew the direction we wanted the collection to go.  It all revolves around and is inspired by social media.  The experiment started via an anonymous Instagram account (today it’s the brand’s official IGI do suggest you check it out to see for yourself) were we started sharing post that portray the life we live.

We even documented our experimental process whilst still being anonymous to get a grasp at the reactions our posts were generating.

It was also the period of when IG banned the #curvy (I did know about this!!! According to reports, the popular social photo service has banned the hashtag #curvy because it was used for porn and therefore violated the site’s terms of service. #Curvy was no longer searchable on the site, but words such as “skinny,” “fat” and “thin” were still searchable as hashtags) so that triggered the niche to move forward towards the motivation behind #hexteg

5. What did you enjoy most about designing the collection?
I think after the brainstorming, getting our ideas together and moving into the same direction was great but the most enjoyable part was the experimentation with the material, it took a lot of time, a lot of fails but we enjoyed every bit of it.  From trying water colours on fabric to actual fabric paint, we were curious to see each effect and from that on we started building the line.

6. What was the most challenging part of designing this collection?
I think like anyone trying to create a fashion line, the challenge was the keep the consistency in the collection and to see the reaction we got from the general public, the bigger challenge is the continue were #hexteg ended.  We started by creating our first collection wanting it to be gender less and that there is no need to be the stereo type skinny model to wear our clothes – one size fits most!

7. If you had the choice to work with a designer in the world who would that person be?
Not really designers but I would say Ray and Charles Eames(I had to reached these two … husband and wife American designers who made significant historical contributions to the development of modern architecture and furniture. Among their most well-known designs is the Eames Lounge Chair. They also worked in the fields of industrial and graphic design, fine art and film) and also, Coco Chanel would have loved to been able to see her when she was creating a collection! She was amazing and such an inspiration.

8. In your opinion who is the most influential fashion designer at the moment?
Karl Lagerfeld

9. Do your designs reflect your personal fashion tastes?
Yes. I think it is important to start off with the things you would wear or the things that might be missing out there to buy. We follow trends and it was a must for us to portray that in the collection.  We like clothes but that does not necessarily define who we are so when we created our designs it was important to yes follow trends but to stay true to what Holma and #hexteg stand for – and idea through a concept.

10. What future plans are in store for Holma?
Definitely we will be working on a new collection, one that will be a continuation of #hexteg and one that will help sending across another positive message.

And if by any chance you missed their exhibition here’s a look at their amazing first collection titled #hexteg.

I am super excited at the idea of a new collection and will be looking forward for that.  I am sure that this is not the last time we hear of these girls and I am very much eager to see what they have in store for us!!

Until next time,


Photos Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to Holma and Steryn Digital Vision – I was given the permission from the owners, to use them for the purpose of this post.  They belong to Holma and Steryn Digital Division and therefore, cannot be cropped, copied or used without the owners permission.

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