A little heart to heart #4 | Time to suit up and get healthy!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

As I listen to Meghan Trainor singing about not worrying about her size I think, that’s right, it’s alright not to be a “stick figure silicone Barbie doll” but does not necessarily mean that you should start slacking off.

In my fabulous 40s, I still feel good (sometimes), after all they do say that these are great years.  But it is also a known fact that subtle changes start occurring that one needs to address before they become problems. Some of the most common health shifts are:

  • Metabolism: Slows down by 2% per decade.
  • Muscle: Down by 6 to 7 pounds from 10 years ago.
  • Bone: Drops by about 1% a year since your mid-30s.
  • Libido: Declining because of high stress levels and hormonal changes.
  • Stress: Especially high because of worries about kids, parents, health, career, and finances.
  • Depression: More likely now than later in life.

That is a lot to chew on right! Seeing something like that black on white makes you rethink the ‘we only live once’ – not saying that it is wrong but I think it is advisable to maintain a healthy lifetime.  So after trying countless times to start a diet only to fail in just a couple of days, I went to seek help at Makeover.  I have been there once before in my early 30’s and I am back ten years later to regain my body confidence but more than that, to seek guidance as how to improve my eating habit lifetime.  On my first time visiting Makeover I lost all the excess weight and more so I am going in full of hope that I will have the same results.

So I will be taking you along with me in this journey in the hope that 10 years on I can still loose the extra weight I gained.


So this I got 3 month slimming programme package consisting of 12 slimming treatment including Infrared, Faradic, Pressotherapy, Thermoslim and Laser plus a food plan each week, nutrition advice and support.  Quite a full and intense programme that I cannot wait to start but mostly I am looking forward to weekly food plan as that is one thing I struggle with, but having some to guidance hopefully will improve my healthy.

So if you follow me on Snap, I went in for my free consultation and I got weighed and my current weight is 52.55kgs.  The nutritionist Colette told me it will be a tough 12 weeks in the sense that I do not have a lot of weight to lose but more getting rid of toxins that have been building up over the year and hence my body weight has increased with water retention.

In all honestly I am scared at how this will plan out but hey now that I started it I will see this through if I know something about myself is that I am stubborn.  I will probably cry a lot and have a breakdown a few time but I will persist.

I will be keeping you posted and updated you accordingly of my struggles and achievements as I am sure at one given point there would be someone out there needing that extra push and by me sharing my journey is my own kind of way to get that push.

Until next time,





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