Event Post #31 | Ferramoda 2016 – La Moda e’ Cultura

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog and to another event post!

I have been so lucky and grateful that of lately I have been getting quite a few invites to a attend fashion shows and launches and this particular show is one which I was really looking forward to as it is a yearly favourite here in Malta and it is also a charity event which helps under privileged children to achieve what they aspire for.

The evening was a very pleasant one with lots of time before the shows to mingle with other fellow bloggers, pop in to check out the stands of the various sponsors and grab some goodies and enjoy some delicious food complimented with a few drinks too.

The shows started off with a theatrical show which would have been nice to be able to appreciate more, if we were briefed before hand on what was happening especially since we were seated in one of the side rooms and could only see it on TV monitor.

After that the actual fashion shows started with a choice of clothes from Luxury Outlet (a shop in Sliema that carries brands like Armani, D&G, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Moschino, Balmain and more), there were a few items that I liked.  I did manage to catch the beautiful customised dresses by Emilio Schuberth.  Unfortunately I had to cut the evening short as my l.o. woke up and he was crying and not wanting to go back to bed so I had to miss out on the rest of the shows especially the one I was hoping to see by Ferragiu.

So I leave with some pictures from the event taken by Mark Soler Photography who captured the beauty of the event.



Until next time,



Photos Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to Mark Soler Photography and cannot be cropped, copied or used without the owners permission.

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