Event Post #32 | MANGANO Sliema Launch Party

Hey there my lovelies,

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Another week, another event and this one was a very lush one indeed! Live music, great crowd, amazing food and flowing drinks throughout the event.  On arrival, I was introduced and greeted by the Directors of MANGANO – Romualda and Jason Paul Vella and none other than Mr. Mangano himself who attended the launch, and by this moment I was overwhelmed but no I was even show to a red carpet with pictures and all (I might look silly in the photos as I was so embarrassed standing between two gorge Supernova models with killer MANGANO’s outfits!!

MANGANO has opened their new shop in Bisazza Street – Sliema (ex. Swish – next to The Plaza) for a few weeks now, but last Wednesday was the official launch party.  I mean stepping into the shop you might have to pick up your jaw from the floor (well at least mine) as the collection is absolutely S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.  Fine tailoring and beautiful detailing is what caught my eye but one cannot for the classical pieces which are truly a must have.

I say this pretty much every time I attend an event – I just love attending them as it is always nice to catch up with fellow bloggers, talk to people who have a passion for fashion and talk to them on pretty much everything. I do hope I never tire of these occasions (highly doubt it to be honest) but being able to see first hand the product being launched brings out a happy feeling in my stomach and I truly do not want that to ever go away.

Big congratulations once again to Romualda and Jason Paul Vella for a well organised event.


Need this dress

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