Favourites #11 | November

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I am back with the favourites and on my heading towards the last month of the year! Christmas month yaasss!!!

So let’s get this month faves rolling 🙂

wp-1480681996482.jpgFlormar Advice Facial Cleaning Gel 3 in 1
I have been using this product every morning ever since I got and I have seen a noticeable improvement in the pores/black heads situation. I quite like the gel texture of this product that works well on it’s own. I like to rub the gel on my face in circular motion for a few minutes, applied this way gel turns into a gentle lather which I quite like as you can feel the tiny granules within the gel work as nice exfoliator but it’s not very harsh so it does not leave abrasion on the skin. I then wash my hands for the product and go in with wet hands to get a foaming effect which I then wipe off with an exfoliator face sponge.


Flormar Illuminating Primer
This has to be the most used product for this month!!! I just love this product as it creates a powdery and matte effect on the skin with its soft texture which is totally great. It covers the thin lines nicely and prepares the skin for the foundation giving it a smooth look.  It also moisturizes the skin all day and prevents it from drying. It comes in a handy pump style packaging that allow me to dispense only the amount of product that I need. I love the fact that it is not that creamy or sticky and that it spreads nicely into my skin. You can apply foundation immediately and it has no effect on the texture of my makeup.

It might not be suitable for oily skin types because of it’s illuminating properties however I would consider trying it out as it’s quite long lasting. It give me more than 7 hours of makeup wear and I would imagine it to be slightly less for oilier skin types. So keep an oil blotting paper at bay just in case.

Maxfactor False Lash Epic
The Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara might a difficult mascara to use BUT trust me once you get the hang of it, it does work for that complete lash coating. The formula itself is somewhat looser than most mascaras and in a way that is what allows you to make precision moves with this brush before your mascara dries. By using the arch shape first, the flat edge to coat and the ball to cover any fine, missed lashes at the edges. It’s all about deciding how complicated you want your mascara to be because to get a full volume you’ll need to do the triple roll at least twice but if you love a precision lash and enjoy perfecting your lashes, this mascara does actually do the job.

Milani Lipliner in Nude
US top drugstore brand is a favourite of mine and I have wanting to get their Lipliner in Nude so when I eventually ordered it it was beside myself and really it did not fail to impress.  Soft, smooth, and filled with pigmentation, this liners are unlike any hard, waxy lip liner you’ve ever used.  I am really considering to get the other seven shades!

wp-1480682286933.jpgTruffle clear heal Ankle Boots
I have been loving these heels my goodness I had been eyeing them ever since I got the denim over the heel boots and I just caved it and got.  The clear heal is everything and they are so comfortable. I mean are they gorgeous 🙂

Faux fur waistcoat (from Zellas Image)wp-1480682343980.jpg
I have I a love relationship with anything faux, I mean I have 3 different faux fur jackets that I totally love and a hooded fur one for my casual day.  SO you can imagine my reaction when I saw this.  I loved the colours in it and I absolutely loved the length of it.  I felt it could turn any chic outfit into a chicer one – don’t you think 🙂

So that is what I have been loving this month until next month,




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