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Today I am coming at you with something very exciting and somewhat revealing.  I am going to be sharing with you my experience and my first impression with regard to Teeth whitening.

I have always wished to have a perfect white smile. I am the least confident when it comes to my teeth condition since they are somewhat crooked which I kind of learnt to deal with that! But the main problem is that my teeth are extremely yellow of their own, plus I am a smoker, and then there is the fact that I do love to drink coffee and tea too! So now you know why I do not smile very much in photos! I am really not confident with my smile as I don’t want people to see my teeth.

I have been wanting to try out Teeth Whitening for a while now, I have been to dentists to get it done but it was somewhat expensive and when I was almost about to do I was told that my teeth were naturally yellow and that it might not work, but that did not stop me from wishing for them to be whiter.  So when I recently came across the Teeth Whitening Centre Malta page I contacted them and booked an appointment.

So, hence the purpose of this post. I met up with Antonella last week, a very bubble and sweet girl and we started chatting as if we knew each other, go figure us women.  Anyways, I jotted down some questions that I was curious to know and of course opted to share my treatment with you guys just in the case any of you out there might be interested in trying this treatment.

Does this treatment weaken the teeth?
Not at all, the treatment (in the form of a gel) is made of 99% natural and organic ingredients which do not cause any harm to your teeth or gums. The treatment is easy, fast and non invasive, with immediate results. The specially formulated gel is used in conjunction with an advanced laser light to remove stains that have built up over the years.

Will teeth whitening change the color of fillings and crowns?
If, the teeth have gone yellow over time, with the treatment the will go back to the colour the dentist originally chose.

Is it safe to whiten my teeth while pregnant?
Seeing that the gel is made of natural and organic ingredients I do not see a reason why it cannot be done, however I do prefer that a written consent form a Gynecologist is presented.

Are there any side effects from tooth whitening?
There are no known side effects that are caused by this treatment.

How long do results last?
Depending on the colour of your teeth and how you maintain the treatment after which is very important, I can say that it will last a good 6 months. I do suggest that a tray is tailor-made – I take the impressions of your teeth to create these trays.  I will give you an injection with the gel and you place this gel in the tray and wear it once a week for one hour, this will help to further maintain the first treatment and whiten teeth.

Can you briefly describe the procedure?
First thing first, there is the consultation which helps me determine which colour are the patient teeth by using the teeth chart. In my case I had two shades, some teeth marked S34 and other were between S28 and S26.  Then next up is the lip retractor which helps you keep your mouth wide open during the treatment. With a deep cleaning toothpaste wipe the patient wipes their teeth to remove the film on your teeth. Then the gel is spread on the upper an lower teeth and I move to rub it, after that the blue LED lamp is placed in front of the teeth for 20 minutes and this process is repeat twice.   In between the two treatment Antonella put vitamin E on my lips and gums in order to avoid them drying with the LED light.

Can you do teeth whitening if you have braces, crows, caps or veneers?
Unfortunately, a client with braces cannot have this treatment done however when it comes to crows and caps they would whiten till the colour the dentist orginally did them.

Is treatment done with LED light? If yes, what does the LED light do exactly?
Yes the treatment is done with LED, gel is activated with the blue led light that in turn whitens your teeth.

As you can see from the before and after pictures; her my teeth were rated at S34, whilst after the treatment they went down to S20; and were my teeth looked between S28 and S26 after treatment they went down to between S10 and S8.  Still a long way to S2 but I have high hopes.  In fact I will be getting my teeth impressions done so I get the my customised trays which will help me maintain the treatment and further whiten my teeth.

All in all I am quite please with the treatment, I did not think that there would be a visible difference but there was and I liked that.

Treatment cost Eur90 whilst the impression’s cost is Eur50 with the additional gel costing Eur10 after the first one finishes.

Until next time,



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.  I bought the product, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinions.


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