Ebay bargain hunt #3 | My finds €15 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Finally it’s back …. my eBay bargain hunt posts have been MIA due to a more focus on Christmas gifts but here’s what I got over the past couple of months … Hope you like my hunts for the month so without further chit chat let’s get started 🙂 and as always do share any finds you came across – would love to see them xoxo

Casual Tracksuit 2-piece Set (€15)
I might have mentioned that of lately I got a thing for sporty wear and this tracksuit was one of them spur of the moment kind of purchase but it looked nice and when I got it, it felt of good material – slightly thin but fit was quite nice too  (got mine in a medium which fits like a small UK size).  I have been living in this tracksuit – it’s so comfy. Love it! so much I got the gray one on the way 🙂

Long Straight Full Hair Wig (€9)

You know of my obsession with long hair and I have been wanting to get a wig forEVER so when I came across this I really did not have to think twice to buy it.  I love the colour of the wig, I mean I wish I can do the colour on my own hair but as you well know my hair won’t handle that so I got the wig instead – the only downfall is that it does not come with a cap to hold you hair in place and since I have not gotten one as yet I have not had the chance to wear it (but I tried it on so you can see what it looks like).

Eye shadow Blush Colour Clean Sponge
This has the be one of the best things I got off eBay, perfect for travelling and for your own personal home use, if you do not own a zillion and one make up brushes.  Basically you can use own just a few brushes and still be able to due a cut crease, a smokey eye or any other look you like as the sponge inside the package will take off any eye shadow residue off your brush to allow you use lighter shades.  It’s pure genius stuff!!!

Chic Turban Hat (€2)

I love hats and I love animal print and I just loved this turban so that is why I got 🙂  Made of nice material quite a deal at just €2 – don’t you think 🙂

Clip in Front Bang Extension (€1)
Again this I got for the simple reason that i do sometimes get the urge to cut a bang but it is an utter headache afterwards to grow it out again so this is kinda very handy.

So that is it for my month’s eBay bargain hunt post … Hope you like the items I gor to share with you gys – until next bargain hunt … Happy Shopping😀




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