First Impressions #14 | Pupa Milano new products

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I am back today with some new products I have been trying out.  I have been lucky enough to have had a lot of products to test and try and play around with this year – I even started my Quick Mini Review of my Facebook page which are worth checking out 😉

However, it’s been a while since I put down my first impressions on products so when I got these new Pupa items – I thought why not  – so here are my initial thoughts

Contouring and Strobing Palette in the shade 002 for Medium skin tones* (retails for €19.90)

If you follow my socials I always liked talking about the latest trends that hit the social media with a bang and one of them was the contouring and strobing technique which is basically the sculpting of face features by creating a light and dark shade effect and emphasis the points of your face which you wish to define more.  These two techniques can be performed together for a more strong and evident result but are also perfect individually, depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

At first glance this palette is very compact, sturdy and the perfect quad for any new beginner that would like to try contouring and highlight.  Comes in two other different shade (001 for light skin tones and 003 for darker skin tones) which will surely make the process easier to match to your skin tone. I also like that the the back of the outer packaging there are diagrams with directions on how to apply the four shades within the palette according to your face shape to maximize your results.

1. Highlighter: A very nice, subtly illuminating powder to be used on the highest points of your face – ideal for strobing (highlighted) effect.
2. Light Contour: A clear and tonalized powder ideal for the centre areas of the face, underneath the eye area.  Good for blending and to correct the gray areas that might turn gray.
3. Medium Contour: The powder is slightly cool toned, good for toning and blending the darker shade of contouring.
4. Dark Contour:  This powder is ideal for creating that intense shadow of contouring underneath your cheekbone and temples

In all this palette is amazing, consistency and pigmentation are amazing.  Packing is very handy and for less than €20 you have 4 good sized pans that do a great job!

Like a Doll Maxi Blush in the shade 302* (retails for €15.95)

Like a Doll Maxi Blush is a new kind of blush which helps to enriches the face with a very nice velvety texture and opaque Ness.  There are nine colors available in the range.

The packaging size and shape of the blush pan is similar to that of the powders or matte foundation so quite a large pan, that includes a large mirror and a hidden compartment that hold a small fluffy brush applicator which is perfect for touch-ups.  I quite like the shade I got, it is for sure one that I would have picked up myself.  The finish is opaque even though sometimes you can see some minor sparkle going on.

Product is a tad powdery but once applied to the face it goes on with quite a natural and velvety effect.  On the other hand pigmentation is on point and a light hand touch is advisable not to catch a lot of color as pigmentation is strong. Longevity is good too.

To wrap it up this blush by Pupa Milano is a great product, I just love the end result and the color I got is just beautiful.

Pupa Volume lipstick in the shade 305* (retails for €12.95) 

Can we just stop and take a moment to admire the red bullet packaging with Pupa writing – very poshy looking if you ask me and I really like it :0 but hold on there is more – this range isn’t just a classic lipstick but it’s a treatment for the lips too.  In fact, I can say that my lips looked fuller and moisturised from first application.  It has beeen researched that it gives 5% increase in lip volume in just 10 minutes after first application and a 12% increase after 7 days of use. I for this lipstick about a week now and I can say that my lips do look bigger nothing huge but increase is noticeable which is impressive.

With regards to consistency, the lipstick is very creamy and feels amazing on your lips when you apply it.  As a payoff product is not matte, not too glossy but the perfect middle.

So here are my thoughts on these new Pupa Milano products and I must admit that these products have to be the greatest I ever got from Pupa and like the other products I own from Pupa I really liked using them.

 Until next time,



*Product are PR items

Disclaimer: These products were given to me by Medimports Malta agents of Pupa Milano in Malta.  I was given these products, for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinions and they have not in any way influenced by Medimports Malta

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