Favourites #12 | December … Year in review … A round up of my most used products and more :)

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog! Safe to say that this will be the last post for 2016.  This was the year that opened so many new opportunities for this blog. It has been a fantastic year and here is to a new year that will hopefully bring me as much (or hopefully more) satisfaction and achievements as the one we are about to bid farewell.

I cannot not start off without mentioning the companies that have shown interest in this blog and have contacted me or accepted to help me in one form or and other … Flormar Malta, Tally Weijl Malta, 3INA, Hudson Group, Catrice Malta, Pupa Milano in Malta , Melita Health and Beauty, Malta Warehouse, G Farrugia Malta and CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics at Skyparks – thank you all for the opportunity and time invested in my Blog. To the people that accepted to be featured on my blog – I appreciate your time and it was an honour to interview you.

Thank you also goes to the companies and organisers that held all the events I was more than glad to been able to attend and to write about.  To my fellow bloggers who I met at these event and especially the new bloggers I met – thank you for the laughs, the encouraging words and the company.  You are all special to me and I truly cherish the time spent together.  To the lovely MUA’s that made me pretty for some of the events I attended  – thank you for your time and dedication – you have magical hands.  To the ones I am working with this year – I cannot wait to be in your capable hands 🙂  To my amazing nail technician Marcella – I adore you.  To my wonderful hairdresser Carmelina – I know I drive you crazy but hey I love crazy ideas and you always seem to be around to help in that madness – I love you.

To Ritianne and Marlene it was a pleasure to work with – I simply cannot thank you enough for coming through for me in dire strait and making me look like a million dollar woman and look forward to hopefully getting the chance to work with you again! To the designer who has a huge spot in my heart – I appreciate what you did for me! Last but my far not the least a HUGE THANK YOU goes to Ian Miller for my customised hair clip ons.  I love you very much.

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To the people behind Malta Fashion Week which to date has to be the single most existing experience this year, I thank you for allowing me to be part of this awesome week.  It was such a learning curve for me and this blog, that I will cherish forever, in the hope that the next one I will exceed myself.  To all the photographers I have met and had the opportunity to use their work – thank you for the patience especially when shooting the ‘outfits’ pictures – I promise to improve of my posture and own the pictures 😉

I really do hope that I have not forgotten anything or anyone but in case  I did, know that I am sorry. Every single person I met and spoke to is embedded in my mind and I will never forget the smiles, the encouragements, criticism and suggestions to better my blog, I will take it with me in 2017, in the hope of using that knowledge moving forward.

Now onto the items mostly used during this year in no particular order – these have all somehow been the most used these past months.

1. Estee Lauder Doblewear foundation
I do not use the term “holy grail” for nothing but this hand down is one foundation I recommend you should own if you are a makeup fan.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
This palette is amazing needless going round in circles – all six pans are of superior formula. The wide variety of shades is suitable for most skin tones with the exception of probably those with extremely light or dark skin. With regards to the highlight shades they are fantastic and I like that there is a shimmer one too. I especially love Banana as its yellow undertones mask virtually any redness and is perfect for setting your under eye concealer. Each shade is very pigmented and applies smoothly. Slightly on the powdery side and I do suggest knocking off any excess before applying it to your face to make sure there are no fallouts.

3. Gerard Cosmetics Liquid lipstick in Iced Mocha
Iced Mocha is just perfection. This soft brown shade is such a beautiful shade. I was lucky to have been gifted this beauty from Petra of the Twinbloggers. I love GC lipsticks and the liquid matte range is definitely one of my favorite formulas, since they go on smoothly and are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. The formula is perfect, long-lasting and mostly transfer proof.

4. Yana’s Chocker
I just love Yana’s work and I am totally obsessed on chockers espcially the once tailormade by Malta’s finest.

5. RCMA No Colour Powder
Hands down the best powder I have ever tried and own to date, the highly raved reviews regarding the RCMA No Color Powder are directed at its flawless finish, its ability to work all day, and its ease to blend regardless of skin tone, type, or condition.  It works just as well for touch ups during the day as it does as a setting powder.  I love the finish it gives overall especially for the my under eye area! The simplicity of the RCMA No Color Powder combined with its ultra-fine texture is what allows the powder to work so effortlessly. I am so in love with this product and the minute it is back in stock I am re-stocking for sure!

6. Sleek Cleopatra highlight palette
Sleek have been on a roll these past few months coming out with product and one their latest product is the Cleopatra’s Kiss palette – a gorgeous bronze-hued palette, which is perfect for this season.  The palette features two baked and two cream powders with a mirror and mini brush. The creams are ideal for a luminous sheen while the powders give an intense, metallic finish to skin. And the best thing about the palette. It is one of the best things out there at the moment and I just love the glow it give my cheeks every time I use.  Love it!

7. Flormar Illuminating Primer
I just love this product as it creates a powdery and matte effect on the skin with its soft texture which is totally great. It covers the thin lines nicely and prepares the skin for the foundation giving it a smooth look.  It also moisturizes the skin all day and prevents it from drying. It comes in a handy pump style packaging that allow me to dispense only the amount of product that I need. I love the fact that it is not that creamy or sticky and that it spreads nicely into my skin. You can apply foundation immediately and it has no effect on the texture of my makeup.

8. Truffle clear heal Ankle Boots
I have been loving these heels my goodness!!! The clear heal is everything and they are so comfortable. I mean are they gorgeous🙂

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