DIY #2 | How to make a denim chocker

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog – and to the first post for 2017!

I forget how much fun these DIY post are – well I did have a DIY scheduled to go up a few weeks ago but i could not find the picture I took of the process so that post had to be deleted 😦 I have been meaning to do this one for a while now and so seeing as my scheduling has gone haywire lately I had to work on bring together this particular one.

If you have not noticed that chokers have been such a huge trend last season – well then, probably you are not alive LOL and I am so glad that we will still see them during fall and winter. For this season I think it’s more about a statement choker rather than your 90’s black skinny one.

So here a little DIY for you … Enjoy it !


Materials you need 
1. A denim jeans (preferably one you do not wear)
2. Scissors
3. Measuring tape
4. Marker
5. Heavy duty needle and thread or Iron on Adhesive hem tape or Velcro

What to Do
1. Grab an old pair of jeans
2. Cut out the waist band
3. Measure your neck (if your neck measures 13cms – add an additional 2cms – this will allow the overlap that we will then have to sew).
4. Divide the cms by 2 and place measuring tape on the wait band and mark the half of your neck size from the button outwards (we are using the available jean button to open and close choker)
5. Once you have marked both sides (include the extra allotted cms) – make sure the your marks overlap
6. Cut the rest of the waist band off
7. Now it’s time to either sew, tape or velcro the overlapping material.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Side Note : please excuse the wacky and uneven sewing … my mind and my hands have no co-ordination.  Whilst my mind was seeing a perfectly sown velcro piece – clearly my hands were doing a whole other thing!!!! Thank god it’s all hidden hehe.

Now wasn’t that just easy and fun 🙂 I love doing this and I do hope you enjoyed it and do send me over the pictures if you try it out yourself – I would love to see your creations.


Until next DIY,




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