Update : A little heart to heart #4 | How’s the diet going so far

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to  my Blog!

For today I have got for you a little update post on my healthy journey with Makeover 🙂

I must admit it was tough in the beginning as I was only loosing 50grams weekly and I was being very strict with myself and abiding to the diet 😦 I was a bit demoralised to be honest but I guess my body was in desperate need of a good detoxification as after that 4 week mark I just started going down really fast and it was an amazing feeling.

I am now half way through the programme and my current weight is that of 50kgs which is what my weight was before I got pregnant in 2012.  I am hoping to loose a few more kilos before the programme is done and I am planning to maintain the lifestyle after that too.  I will surely have my cheat days – we only live once but I am retaining the lifestyle for the simple reason that I am not getting any younger and it is important to remain fit and healthy whilst enjoying life.

Overall my nutritionist is very satisfied with my progress and we will keep working together including using different slimming machine, in the sense whereas the previous weeks we targeted the weight loss now we will try to focus more on the toning part like for instance using the slender tone so I can flatten down my belly area.

My 9th weigh in session is due for tomorrow and if you don’t already do follow me on snapchat (mydivainside <3) to see the latest updates.

Until next time,





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