First Impressions #15 | L’Oreal Infaillible 24HR-MAT

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I have been wanting to try this foundation for a minute and half – I just love seeing Katy aka Lustrelux snap and film about these foundations, I just could not wait to get my hands on one!! So when a few weeks ago I came across it in Valletta, I grabbed one.

So I will be sharing here my first impression on this foundation.  My initial disappointment was at the lack of available shade at this particular pharmacy.  I do not know if it’s a Malta thing but it would be nice to have almost the whole range available.  I mean not everyone likes a pink undertone foundation.  Anyways after debating with myself whether or not to get it I noticed that one of the shades available was Golden Beige and I figured it might have a tinge of yellow undertone which I tend to like in my foundations. Then came the price almost Eur20 for a ‘drugstore’ foundation – I was shocked to be honest and I do have a feeling that it can be bought cheaper online!

Anyways onto the actual first impression now, admittedly the foundation has an almost powdery feel to it but once applied to the skin it really has a nice finish. As per my normal routine, I cleansed my face, applied mosituriser followed by primer which is almost always a great combo for any foundation.  I applied it with a damp real techniques sponge and I was in awe of the beautiful, even and full coverage to my skin. I powdered my under my eye area after going in with concealer.  My skin felt perfectly matte and comfortable so I did not powder my whole face as I would normally do.

Now, lets discuss the colour… I think the colour was a nice match to my skin tone and I did not see that foundation oxidized that much that it changed colour which I was quite happy about!  I really liked the fact that even though it has a full coverage I could still see my skin – if you know what I mean and it continued to get even better as time went by.

I applied the foundation at 7am and usually sometime by 12:30pm I would normally be sporting a healthy sheen, but I was very happy to see that with this foundation my face looked as good as it did when I first applied the foundation. Fast forward to 6pm (that’s nine hours wear!) and the foundation is looking a little worn on me. From a distance, it still looks great, however up close, I can see oily patches starting to come through and the foundation is parting a little on my skin. Even so, I’m still impressed with how long the foundation stayed flawless.

By 8pm and the foundation looked just the same as it did at 6pm but this time just a little oilier. If I were to stand chatting to somebody, I’m not sure they’d even notice the little imperfections but up close and to my eye, they’re starting to stand out a little and I feel like I need to powder my face a little – to the touch though, my skin still had the powdered texture that it did in the morning and smoothing it over with my finger rather than a powder is all I need to even things out a little.

In all honestly, I never expected to get 24 hours perfect wear from this foundation but I will say that this formula comes pretty close to a good 12 hours, and might I add that it gives Estee Lauder’s Double Wear (in longevity – the formula is quite different) a run for the money.  The formula isn’t quite like any other that I’ve experienced – it’s thinner and easier to work with and blends nicely – a tad more than the EL Double Wear.  I like that it feels light on the skin once blended and that powdery feel to it.

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