Spotlight Series #11 | The Diva is BACK …

Hey there lovelies,


Welcome back to my Blog! And to a new  Spotlight series – which I am so excited about.  I was asked to feature Claudia Faniello on my blog … WHAT!!!! To say that I was ecstatic is an understatement and I could not be happier to make the feature happen (side note I did have a good couple of hours of an #OMG moment every time I think about it).

The idea behind this post is to get to know Claudia a little bit more –
maybe more than we might think and I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to chat with her, as she is such a sweet person, very down to earth and gorgeous too 🙂 We covered pretty much everything from things she likes and cannot live without to her comeback to this year’s MESC.

I am going to be honest with you all I do not follow the local music scene that much and I do not get the hype for this festival but I do follow it when it is being televised.  One cannot deny the talent this island has. even though I look forward more to see the clothes, the hair and makeup of course fashion/beauty blogger right.  The MESC is one of the most imprtant platform to showcase your talent with the chance to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest that is televised worldwide – so yea I do see the reason why every single participant competing in the show does their utmost to get the whole package right – cos those 3 minutes on that stage are the most crucial of them all!!!

Now you all know that Gaetano holds a very special place in my heart so when he was the one that asked me if I would like to feature his journey with one of the singers participating for this year’s MESC – I mean who would say no to MEETING Claudia Faniello and maybe get a sneak peak on the dress?

I might come across as a bit biased as you know the love I have for Gaetano but in all fairness I am always honest and I see no reason to lie besides my first priority is to my followers. When it comes to Claudia ….  this was the first time I met her but honestly I always loved all her choice of looks for her performances.  I always got the impression that she was backed by a good team behind her fabulous look, and that is absolutely true, through her ups, downs and heartbreaks, Claudia is surrounded by the people that do not judge, understand her without her saying anything and that work together for a common goal and for here that means the world.


Now let’s get the real questions rolling 🙂

Who is Claudia?
Claudia is extremes, black or white, all out diva or relaxed.  She loves spending time with family and friends but loves getting away from it and when she does, she travels.  She lives for taking risks, it is key in life.  Like everyone I have had my ups and downs in life but at the same time I am blessed to always be surrounded by people who want the best for me and that bring me back to life.

What does music mean to you?
Claudia : Music is my life … I will never comprise, when it comes to it.   I do what I like and I will never consider singing my job because it’s my passion.  Honestly I would not be me without music.  Even getting excited before I am about to go on stage to perform.  That excitement never gets better no matter how many times you step on stage.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Claudia : I would say that the process of writing a song it the most amazing part.  I mean imagine someone playing a few notes on a guitar and bam a couple of words turn into lyrics and then the song is born, amazing … but beyond that moment even better the moment people hear your songs and they relate to the lyrics, it just wow.  But performing live is the most awesome feeling ever. I feed off the energy of a live crowd, they make me feel alive!

What do you think of fashion and music being such an influence in this day and age?
Claudia : Being a women I think it is very important that you know what is happening and see what fashion is like but I think the most important factor is to be true to yourself.   For me it is imperative that I wear something that I can relate to, there were times I had to compromise on what to wear but now I know me and I know what suits me best.  Having said that I am open to opinions and might be persuaded to try something new, if I see that it still makes me feel like me.  I also like reinventing myself, over the years I participated in the MESC, my choices were in line with my songs.


What was the thought behind the dress for the MESC?
Claudia : Hmmm cannot say ….  but it surely relates to song …
Gaetano : It will be a ‘breathless’ dress … I want to bring out the Diva in Claudia, the Maltese Mariah (if you do not know by now that Gaetano loves Mariah Carey then you do not know him well hehe) … however keep reading as there is a sneak peek 😉

What made Gaetano your first choice of preference for a designer for the MESC?
Claudia : Having been collaborating with Gaetano for almost a year now, there was really no choice to make but rather it came as a natural collaboration.
Gaetano : In my case I have been following Claudia since the beginning and I am also a huge fan so when asked to collaborate the first time it was a dream come true.

Does the dress differ from the dresses in your last collection?
Gaetano : It has nothing to do with Nymph.  It still has my trademark but this is me collaborating with Claudia.  It was very
important to stay true to her style.

The song has beautiful lyrics and the music makes it a great song was it an easy task to design the dress keeping in mind the song?
Gaetano : Yes it was … but that is all I can say.

What shoes do you prefer?
Definitely high heels,  I do wear flat sometimes especially for work but no trainers.

Perfect outfit for a night out?
Black always.  It’s my favourite colour …. if it’s black it’s good.

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
I am a calm and relaxed person, but when I get mad I am a fighter.  I remember this one incident I was travelling to the UK and me and my friend were stopped because they did not know of the electronic passport we had just introduced in Malta!!! The personnel was a bit rude with us and that made me angrier, so much so my friend thought they won’t be letting us go but after the hassle everything got sorted.

What are the five things you can’t live without?
My eyeliner, mobile, my dog Leila, my car and my passport

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
Every new beginning comes from a some other beginnings end

What is you favorite song to belt out in the car or for karaoke?
At the moment Breathlessly is on repeat of course …. but if I was at a Karoake I would definitely choose something by Madonna or by a male artist.

Do you get nervous?
Easily frustrated yes but for me to get nervous it take a long time

Advice to someone who wants to get into the entertainment industry in Malta?
Do it because you love it, because it makes you feel alive …. not for fame or anything else.


What does the festival mean for you and what if Breathlessly wins?
I give it its right importance but I take it with a pinch of salt but if that happens … after recovering, it would be a dream coming to reality and it will make all the sacrifices of these years worthwhile.  I needed the break from it as it was not giving me anything but now coming back I feel more confident and appreciative.

Anything else you want to add?
Last but definitely not the least I would like to thank every single person that supported and still does.

Lastly remember to save the date for the MESC Claudia’s performance will be the last so the festival will end with a bang.  These 16 songs are the finalist which means there is only one night to hear the songs and the winner will be chosen but the public since this year it’s 100% televoting.  So power to the people and let the best song win.  Fun fact : last time the 100% televoting was used  Claudia came 2nd and 3rd so by doing the math if she only had one song probably she would have won! Could this be a sign 🙂 Will have to wait and see – I for sure am #saving the date and I know who has my votes.

Also, do not forget to enter the competition running by Gaetano, to be in the chance to meet Claudia, get a free consulation with Gaetano and a goody bag too.  Not bad at all so get liking and guessing.  Good luck everyone.


Oh one last thing in the case you have not heard the song yet take a listen and decide for yourselves 🙂

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Until next time,


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