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Product Review #25 | ZOEVA Caramel Melange Palette

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Oh how I missed an in depth product review, so when a bit over a month ago I saw this palette available on Beauty Bay it was an instant love at first and I knew I had to add it to my collection.  Oh and you know it was Christmas time so it was the perfect present from me to me! So here were are with a post my thoughts on this beauty 🙂

I have been wishing to own a Zoeva palette since I laid my eyes on Cocoa Blend Palette but never got around to get it. So when Zoeva came out with two more additions to what I call them their chocolate range, I knew I had to get me some!  The two new additions are the Caramel Melange and the Blanc Fusion palette. The latter did not attract me much as the colours looked a bit too light for me, but Caramel Melange was a no brainier – it definitely hits the Caramel, Butterscotch, Toffee spot as opposed to Cocoa Blend which is more of a Truffle, Nougat and Marzipan kind of palette.

Caramel Melange comes in 10 pigmented, good sized pans and all 10 shades seem very.  With regards finishes it has a choice Matte, Metallic, Pearl and Matte with a touch of Glitter.

I really like this palette and there is not a single colour I couldn’t work with.   The finishing of the colours are all pigmented, but I would have to say that the matte shades are the least pigmented compared to the others, however considering they are used as transition colours, I don’t mind the lack of pigmentation as they are buildable.  If I had to choose my favourite shades I would choose Start Soft, Universal Delight and Wax Paper as a brow highlight.  Palette is paraben free and mineral oil free. Also, all are infused with Vitamin E and they also contain granulated pigments for a rich colour payoff.

This palette is very creamy to the touch and goes onto the eyelids effortlessly.  I can most definitely see me using Caramel Melange all year round not just for fall or winter. It is my first time owning a Zoeva palette but I am glad to have chosen this palette to start off with and I will try some of their other eyeshadows, blushes and liquid lipsticks 🙂

I purchased this palette from Beauty Bay for €21.40 with free shipping which I thought was a pretty decent deal since if you were to order from the Zoeva site it will cost you €27.00 including shipping costs.

Let’s get some swatches going … here’s a look at the first row 🙂

Wax Paper – A creamy white with a matte finish
Universal Delight – A light peachy brown with a matte finish
Aftertaste – A burnt orange with reddish undertones with a matte finish
182°C – A warm copper with a pearl finish
Liquid Centre – A golden copper with a foiled finish

The second row has got some of my favourite shades 🙂

Alchemy – A burnt cinnamon with a matte finish
Start Soft – A warm chocolate brown with a matte finish
Finish Sensual – A medium warm toffee with a matte finish
Almost Burnt – A warm gold with a metallic finish
Edible Gem – A dark brown with matte finish and golden shimmer

Have you tried any of Zoeva’s products? Let me know which ones so I might get for it myself 🙂

Until next time,



Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and they have in no way influenced by anyone.

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