DIY #3 | Revamp a plain denim jacket

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I must admit I was looking forward to this new DIY post and first of (hopefully) many for this year.  I really do like these posts … are you guys enjoying them? It would be nice to get some feedback as to whether I should keep them up 🙂 I love doing them so I will probably keep them going 🙂 However, having said that your thoughts are greatly appreciated and if you have any ideas just send them over xoxo

So for this 3rd DIY post, I decided to transform and a somewhat plain denim jacket and customise it and make it unique.  So if you want to know how I did it keep on reading.  Needless to say like any DIY I do – it is an easy one 🙂

I remember when I was younger I had this denim jacket that I wore almost every day and I also remember that back then it was cool and trendy to personalize denim jacket and I remember asking my mom if she could iron-on some pretty cool patches for me.  Fast forward to now and the patches are back and featuring prominently in street wear fashion and a couple of fashion shows too. So, I thought why not try it myself.  So time to get DIYing and figure out how to do this 🙂

What you need:
Denim jacket
Favourite emblems/buttons/badges (got mine from eBay and SIX)
Heavy duty needle
optional fabric glue

Step 1.
Place the patches on your garment to get an idea of where you would like them to be positioned (I found it quite useful to take snaps to see how it would looks best).

Step 2.
Start ironing the patches making sure that you do not leave the iron on one spot for to make sure it does not burn but do make sure it sticks to the denim.  When this is done, secure the patches by doing a small stitch at random places around the patch.  If a thread and a needle are not your friends try with a dab of glue. Make sure to use fabric glue or an adhesive and please do stay away from PVA glue.

That is it, another easy one.  Your new jacket is now all set to hit the street, Enjoy 🙂

Until next DIY,




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