#ICYMI #3 | C&R Amare Argentum 

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I love mid-February as per usual this time of the year means that local designers C&R yet again were present in #NYFW to showcase their new Fall/Winter 17/18 Collection intriguingly  called “Amare Argentum”. Show was again part of the New York Fashion Week – Art Hearts Fashion Week at the April Love Academy.

I always look forward to the show as every year the talented duo who have become synonymous to everything that is traditional and lovely about Maltese history always manage to blow our minds.  Obviously they did  not disappoint.  I mean just look at the first look that hit the runway by none other than famous model Tiffany Pisani, I was slayed by the whole outfit and OMG those boots, I.NEED.THEM.IN.MY.COLLECTION!!!first-look

The whole collection screams youth, happiness, joy and the colour palette is beautiful to look at.   Loved also the new bags styles and the beautiful filligree jewellery which was designed by Charles and Ron themselves and handcrafted by Sterling Jewellers.

Also, the fact that all the clothes are ready to wear and I really cannot wait to see the whole collection up close and personal when it hits the shops in Malta.

Make Up was entrusted again to talented Jean Zammit and Hair by Sexy Hair, Cocre8.  Excluing the boots, the rest of the shoes were by Manolo Blahnik.

They say hard work pays off, and it did for Charles and Ron too since they were awarded the award for outstanding performance at New York Fashion Week in the Category of, Outstanding Ready To Wear.  Well done Charles and Ron, always representing Malta and making sure that Malta is synonymous with fashion too besides the beautiful history and the lifestyle.

Feast yourself on yet another STUNNING collection.





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Photo Disclaimer : All photos in the collage belong to Getty Images excluding the first photo whi ch belongs to Julie Stanley.

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