Ebay bargain hunt #4 | My finds €10 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

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Hello to the first eBay bargain hunt for 2K17.  There is a good chance that for this year they will be a bit sparse as I am saving up for some projects I have in the pipeline. However, I had these ordered last year and they mostly came in last month, so here are my latest finds 🙂 Enjoy and let me know if any of the links do not work so I find new ones for you guys.

Happy shopping!

8Pcs Embroidery Iron On Patches (€2.30)
This cute pack of 8 patches I got them for a DIY I did here.  I was happy with the good quality of the patches and their overall performance was good too and easy to manage 🙂


Dress Bodycon Cocktail Long Sleeve (€10.27)
OMG this has to my #fail no. 1 for my eBay hunts.  I have been eyeing this dress for a bit now as it kind of reminds of an Elisabetta Franchi dress I saw a fellow blogger wear a few months back.  Whilst I completely understand that with eBay there is a chance of item being crappy, but admittedly this is by far the worst I ever got and I do own a couple of eBay dresses, many of which I still wear to date as they were of very good quality. I admit it is partially my fault as I rarely read descriptions but I was positive the seller was one I had gotten a dress from a few years back! It looks worse when not worn, but I am telling you lesson has been learned and I will read thoroughly the description from now on.


Women Small Backpack (€8.75)
OMG this has to the #fail no 2 and in the same month lol.  I have been wanting to get a small backpack  for a while but this is smaller then anything I have ever seen.  Besides the fact that it took this over 2 months to get here!!! Thankfully in the meantime I got a lovely big backpack from my lovely sis for Christmas (thank God she did) as this one won’t even fit my wallet in it.  Have never seen a backpack so small and again note to self Caroline …. read the description!!!


Unisex Faux Leather Baseball Cap (€5.53)
I love hats in all shape and form and seeing how baseball caps seems to be getting a moment right now, this faux leather cap seemed the right choice to add to the collection.


Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick 1Pc (€1.16 – now selling at €6.15 😦 will try and find a new link, if I managed it will be at the bottom of this post)
I am totally #obsessed over red matte lipsticks lately and when I saw this one on The Makeup Mafia (I suggest you go follow her) she was kind enough to send me the link and no second thought was required here and it was selling for less than £1!!!! The minute it got here I could not wait to wear it. I love love love it 🙂


Natural Thick 5 Pairs False Eyelashes (€1.47)
It is no secret that eBay has some very amazing eyelash deals and if someone who uses them very often it is worth having a look around.  In my case I love collecting them as I do not get to wear them as often as I wish.  I had this pack saved in my watch list for monrhs as I was sure that it was a pack I had already bought.  Unfortunately, these lashes are extremely long for me not exactly as pictured. In fact, once applied on the eyes they go as high as my eyebrows 😦 I will have to definitely trim them down if I want to use them).  It is a shame as it was a good bargain – a packet of 5 lashes for less the €2.

1Pcs Wig Cap (€0.69)
I had been meaning to get the wig cap for as long as I had ordered the wig which you can see here and it finally arrived.  Nothing fancy but it is for sure comfortable and breathable. Have not used it with my wig but it will do the job for sure.


Re-usable Food Wraps Stretch and Fresh Healthy (€2.74)
I came across a post on Facebook advertising these and when I followed the link I was shocked how expensive they were.  It somehow associated this particular site with eBay and so I decided to check if I can find the same there 🙂  They looked like cool and handy prop to own in the kitchen (even though I have not as yet figured out how to use them) once I do I am sure that they will be very much more comfortable then the cling film.  Who can relate knows that the struggle is real!!

Until next time,




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