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So a few weeks ago, I came across this facebook page for The Creme of Nature Malta and they were asking if any one is interested to try some new products and of course I got curious as in all honesty I never heard of this brand. I started researching the brand and it includes a wide range of products to help you achieve the look you want in the healthiest, most nourishing way possible.  The products I received are all from the Argan Oil range, which states that the luxury of Argan Oil, revitalizes, protects and adds Exotic Shine™ to your hair.  Also, I noted that price range is very affordable too 🙂  and that these products are mostly used by people with very dry hair.

Side note: I am at the moment going through a lot of stress and worries so my hair is not in it’s best of conditions.  My hair is the first to start seeing the effects of worries and stress and it immediately start thinning.  I do take care of my hair and with the help of my trusted hair stylist Carmelina I am on the mend to get my hair in it’s best of state.

However for the purpose of this review post I did try these samples.

creme-of-nature-argan-oil-moisture-shine-shampoCreme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo*
Product description :
A sulfate-free formula that hydrates hair, while gently cleansing without harsh moisture stripping agents.  This shampoo strengthens hair while optimizing the moisture balance of the hair and scalp.

I used the whole sample of this shampoo over a period of two weeks.  This shampoo has the consistency of most shampoos, it’s creamy and smooth. It is yellow in colour, and it suds up nicely. The smell was quite pleasant too.  I used my shampoo, I massaged and smooth the length of my hair and let the water wash the shampoo from my scalp unto my ends. As I smoothed my hair under the water I noticed how soft, silk and easy to detangled my hair became. I never attempt to detangle with shampoo, that is the job of my conditioner. I was very happy by the performance of this SLS free shampoo.creme-of-nature-pure-licious-co-wash-cleansing-conditioner

Creme of Nature Pure-Licious Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner*
Product description : A light-weight, color-safe formula that gently cleanses and removes product residue. Revitalize your curls with the perfect cleanser made from our special blend of Argan Oil and Argan Butter while hydrating your tresses to deliver unstoppable frizz-free curls, waves, kinks and coils.

This is also a nice product, the consistency is quite thick and creamy and easy to apply.  I felt it gently cleansed and removed build up as well as provided a nice shine.  I enjoyed the fact that it’s sulfate free and for us girls that color our hair, it’s also color safe.  I apply a generous amount on wet hair, starting from my roots and massaged down to the ends. Left in for approximately 5 minutes and then rinse out. Hair felt cleaned, moisturized and refreshed.

creme-of-nature-argan-buttermilk-leave-in-hair-milkCreme of Nature Argan Buttermilk Leave-In Hair Milk*
Product description :
 Designed to quench dry, dehydrated curls with extreme moisture for soft, frizz-free, manageable hair. Apply daily to damp or dry hair. Distribute evenly through hair with fingers from roots to ends. Do not rinse.

I opted to use this product on wet hair but it can also be used on dry hair. Sectioned off my hair and applied the product, roots to ends, massaging it in with my fingers, and combed it through with my tangle teezer .  My hair felt nicely soft and smooth.

I let it air dry over night and the next morning my hair looked like it somewhat exploded lol but still felt soft and easy to manage.

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Treatment*
Product description : This lightweight oil is instantly absorbed for Exotic Shine™ without leaving oily residue, smoothes hair’s cuticle layer, reduces frizz and leaves creme-of-nature-argan-oil-treatmenthair silky and soft. Use daily on wet or dry hair. Apply a small amount evenly through damp hair. For protection, apply a small amount to dry hair.

This treatment surprised me with some pretty good ingredients like, honey, argan oil, olive oil and aloe. I also noticed the presence of proteins. This oil treatment was a good addition to my frequent styling especially to seal my ends. Though the oil is thick, it doesn’t weigh down my hair, nor does it leave a greasy feel to the touch.

creme-of-nature-argan-oil-strength-shine-leave-in-conditionerCreme of Nature Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner*
Product Description : Creme of Nature with Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner is a unique two-phase formula that combines Argan Oil liquid shine and a strengthening protein complex that improves hair strength, protects against damage and adds luminous shine and moisture. Shake to activate this two phase formula.

This leave-in conditioner has a 2-phase formula. I transferred the product into a small pump bottle so I could maximise use of this product, it is best to ‘shake to activate’ . Once mixed, hold bottle about 3 inches away, and spray it evenly into my hair. I used it after I washed my hair and let it sit for about 10mins before styling.

I must say I liked this product better than the previous leave in mainly because I preferred the spray formula other than the thick textured one.  Throughout the testing week my hair felt moisturized, clean and it never weighed down.

Final thought : All in all I really enjoyed testing these products out and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for budget-friendly products.  In my case as I stated in the beginning of this post, my hair is in a bit of a bad state at the moment and whilst products lived up to their expectation I did feel the need for something more strong for my hair considering the thinning situation.  On the other hand I noted with great enthusiasm was fact that while testing out these products I somewhat regained some of the natural curls I had when I was younger which I thought have been long gone after years of colouring and blow drying!

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*Product are PR items

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by J. Calleja (Import & Export) Ltd importer of Creme of Nature in Malta.  I was given these products, for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and they have in no way influenced by agents mentioned.

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