Semi Permanent Eyebrows (Part 1) | An Overview including Consultation

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I firmly believe that it does not matter if you like your brows arched and feathered or straight and bold, your eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. If you are not blessed with natural hair there are quite a few options available to fill them in.  Whilst it is a fact that there are natural remedies to increase your brow hair including, vaseline, castor oil and specific brow treatments, I have personally tried all of the mentioned remedies and whilst some of them worked and some didn’t my increase of brow hair was minimal compared to what they should be like.  Needless to say I also own most of the products available for filling them in including pomades, pencils, markers, wax and powder, however I must admit that my best and safe bet is semi permanent procedures.

My personal opinion is that I like nice thick eyebrows and since mine are not, I have to have them done professionally.  I have had my eyebrows done on two other different occasions at two different salons.  Last I had my eyebrows down in 2013, so a session is long overdue.  So I got searching and researching as to what is new out there when is come to semi-permanent makeup and what kept popping up was the microblading technique.  It is said to be a very natural option that delivers an embroidery of hair strokes that look just like real deal.  I then started researching who can deliver the best results locally and having watched Smashing Darling’s Q&A video, I kinda fell in love with what she had done and after much deliberation I went in for a consultation with Anastasiya Rallo of Permanent Make up, Beauty and Nails by Anastasiya.

wp-1488201559136.jpgI was pretty much excited about this consultation as I always am when going for it one:) but Anastasiya made me feel very at ease and comfortable by asking me what I was looking for out of this consultation. What I knew for sure was that I wished to change the shape of my eyebrows and make them thicker.  So first thing first, Anastasiya started doing her magic, combing her architect by profession background to the beauty of creating the perfect measurents to highlight the highest point for my arch, distance of both brows and length in order to make the consultation filling in as accurate as possible, to give me a true vision of what my new eyebrows will look like.  The minute I looked at myself in the mirror I was shook at the difference.  I never ever manged to fill my own eyebrows like that!!! I have to admit that this new requested thickness will definitely take some getting used to it but it is absolutely what I was hoping for.

Anastasiya told me that semi permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure with the innovative method of depositing hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin, similarly to the technique used by tattoo artist.  This is the most commonly used procedure and the one which is most suited for me since I have already a shape which needs to be corrected to achieve this new shape.  Needless, to say the microblading procedure, I had my heart set on, by itself it is not the best option for my desired final look. Microblading is perfect for those clients that want to fill in their natural hair they already have, to make them more defined by covering gaps and over plucked brows, but for my case I only have few natural hair with a round arch so I after the consultation we agreed that in order to emphasis the microblading I need a good base which will cover what little shading I have remaining.

With the shape that Anastasiya suggested for me to go for her exclusive Aquarella techique which is a combination of Powder and HD brows and I agreed with her.  I was concerned that the colour of the consulation filling was too dark for my face but Anastasiya explained to me the way she chooses the pigments is different for each clients.  The skin tone plays a good part in this choice of the pigments.  For example in my case there is a good chance that she will be using more than one pigment.

Following this first session, there will be a healing period of four weeks, after which I go in to get microblading done and then we would have achieved the full and final desired look.

Anastasiya is very meticulous in her explanation of both procedures and stressed a lot on the importance of these type of techniques.  Unfortunately, I understand that they do run a bit costly but do not let that effect your choice and the main reason being that besides the fact that once a base is done it can be very difficult to fix and also during the microblading process a special pen with a sterilized needle is used to draw on individual strokes one by one. It’s an extremely meticulous process and because this procedure involves the cutting through the first skin layer to deposit the pigment, if not done by a professional it will result in the pigment being dispersed, resulting the microblading effect will not show up and even worst it can lead to scaring that will last forever! So do you research well!

Also, for health and safety mandatory regulations, it is important that your beauty therapist explains to you the possible risk involving this procedure.  There a numerous health reasons that can cause high blood pressure including alcohol which will result in some bleeding that might effect the outcome of treatment.

Is It Painful?
I would say that some might feel a bit of discomfort. This will vary according to each individual’s pain threshold.

Is it Safe?20170227_141648.jpg
Yes, as long as all needles are sterlised and for the microblading each client will have a new blade opened.

What If I Don’t Like It?
It is important that during the consultation when the shape of your new brows is drawn, you are totally happy and satisfied with it as do speak up and voice your concerns.  If you have eyebrow pictures you like do take them along with you as your beauty therapist will have a guideline of what you wish for and she can advise you what suits you most.

Can it be done in summer?
Absolutely, yes … unless you plan to go to the beach right after having the treatment done.  Other than that, with the proper after care you will good to go.

So there goes my first post for this post.  Make sure you are following me on all my socials for the actual session which is scheduled for March 22 and I will be snapping and will try to vlog about it as well.  Have not as yet figured this vlogging out but hey I ain’t giving up 🙂

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